iett puts hand sanitizer into metrobus stations
34 Istanbul

IETT Puts Hand Disinfectant on Metrobus Stations

IETT, which regularly disinfects all buses, has now started detailed cleaning work at Metrobus stations. Disinfectant devices are placed at the station entrances, which are washed with drugs, for the hand hygiene of the citizens. Increasing infectious diseases in winter months [more…]

french tgv high speed train derailed injured
33 France

TGV High Speed ​​Train Derailed in France 21 Injured

The TGV high-speed train, traveling between Strasbourg and the capital Paris in France, derailed in the Ingenheim region. 21 people were seriously injured in the accident. It was stated that the condition of the mechanic who was among the injured was severe. The accident was at 7.19 this morning in the Bas-Rhin area. [more…]

Hygiene Study in Elazig Public Transport Vehicles
23 Elazig

Hygiene Study in Elazig Public Transport Vehicles

Elazig Municipality carried out a disinfection and sterilization study against the risk of epidemics in public transportation vehicles. Periodic disinfection and sterilization studies in public transportation vehicles are continued by Elazig Municipality in order to enable citizens to travel in a clean and hygienic environment. [more…]

Sivas yht building work accident
58 Sivas

Occupational Accident at Sivas YHT Construction Site

An unfortunate accident occurred in the High Speed ​​Train field in Sivas, which has been working for a while. The arm of the crane in the working area was broken and overturned. The 21-year-old worker who was under the overturned crane arm was seriously injured. According to the information obtained [more…]

Intensive work for akdag ski center
07 Antalya

Intensive Study for Akdağ Ski Center

With the instruction of Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel, the road to the area where Akdağ Ski Center will be built was opened with the work of science teams. Youth and Sports Ministry after the road works and delegations from Turkey Akdag Ski Federation Skiing [more…]

Record Increase in Railway Freight Transport
06 Ankara

Record Increase in Railway Freight Transport

Last year, the number of passengers transported by trains increased by 10 percent, while the freight transported by railways reached 29.3 million tons. There have been record increases in passenger and freight transport thanks to new lines and new investments in railways. TCDD [more…]

Corlu train crash families trial postponed
59 Corlu

Çorlu Train Crash Families Trial Postponed

Families who lost their relatives in the Çorlu train accident and their lawyers appeared before the judge in Ankara on the charge of 'preventing those assigned in the meeting and demonstration march from performing their duties'. The hearing was postponed on the grounds of 'physical inadequacy'. Relatives and lawyers of those who lost their lives in the Çorlu train accident, [more…]

Transportation problem of the people in the country was met in Istanbul
22 Edirne

Traffic Problem of Keşan Discussed in Istanbul

Keşan Municipality started academic studies in order to find a definitive solution to the traffic problem in the district center. The delegation consisting of the Mayor of Keşan Mustafa Helvacıoğlu and the staff of the municipality and the administration of the SS 25 Keşan Şehiriçi Minibüsçüler Cooperative, Istanbul Commerce [more…]

in which province is the longest railway
06 Ankara

Which province is the longest railway?

The history of the railways began on September 23, 1856 with the concession of the 130-kilometer Izmir-Aydin Railway line. Now, it serves the Turkish people with a line length of thousands of kilometers. line length of railways in Turkey is increasing every year. According to the statistics announced by the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) [more…]

Current Turkey Railway Network
06 Ankara

Current Turkey Railway Network in 2020

TCDD Railways Map Current: TCDD Railways Map is presented to you in very high resolution. You can also download the current World Railway map from our site. The history of the railways, the 23-kilometer Izmir-Aydin Railway on September 1856, 130 [more…]

new means of transportation for the islands determined
34 Istanbul

New Transportation Tools for Islands

IMM completed the work to meet the transportation demands in the Islands, which was initiated due to the prohibition of phaetons due to the disease transmitted to horses. Two types of electric vehicles were selected and purchased for visitors and living in the district. New vehicles will be put into service before the summer season opens. Istanbul [more…]

hand disinfectant to metrobs stations
34 Istanbul

İBB Placed Hand Disinfectant in Metrobus Stops

Service vehicles of IMM staff are regularly cleaned and disinfected against germs and viruses. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), due to the epidemic diseases that increase in the winter months and especially the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and the COVID-19 disease caused by this virus. [more…]

Anatolian Railways

Today in History: 5 March 1903 Anatolian Railways

Today, on March 5, 1903, a new concession agreement was signed with Anadolu Railways Company and the objections of the shareholders were resolved. According to this, Ankara-Konya lines remain with their old owners, Baghdad Railway Company was established for new lines to be built after Konya. To the Presidency [more…]