coronavirus case was seen in the employee of aselsan
06 Ankara

ASELSAN Employee Coronavirus Case Was Seen

In Aselsan, where about 8100 people work, an employee's coronavirus test was positive. It was stated that all colleagues will be considered on administrative leave to complete 14 days due to the case that was detected during the employee's leave. New coronavirus outbreak [more…]

Social distance measurement in subways and trams
34 Istanbul

Social Distance Measure in Metro and Tramways

Within the scope of the measures taken due to the coronavirus epidemic, information labels were placed in the subways and trams to maintain social distance. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) subsidiaries in Turkey's largest city Istanbul Metro rail operators, taken against coronaviruses [more…]

Working hours of the motherboard card processing centers have changed
06 Ankara

Working Hours of Ankarakart Transaction Centers Changed

As part of the measures against the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, the EGO General Directorate of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality changed the working hours of the Ankarakart transaction centers, where citizens are in contact, as of 27.03.2020. The new working hours of Ankarakart Processing Centers are as follows.

thermal camera to yht stations and marmaray stations
06 Ankara

Thermal Camera to YHT Stations and Marmaray Stations

The measures taken against the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, which is spreading rapidly all over the world, continue to increase on the railway. In this context, thermal cameras were placed in some stations and stations for high fever, which is one of the important symptoms of the epidemic. Marmaray's Sirkeci, Üsküdar, Yenikapı, [more…]

high speed train in france
33 France

France: High Speed ​​Train Converted to Hospital

After the rapid spread of the Covid-19 outbreak and the insufficient capacity of health centers in the eastern region, France turned a high-speed train (TGV) into a hospital to refer patients here to other regions. Treatment in the eastern region, especially in the city of Strasbourg [more…]

maritime student card subscribers will be returned in march
20 Denizli

Denizli Student Card Subscriptions Will Return March

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality did not forget the students who subscribed to the "Denizli Student Card" due to the education interrupted due to the coronavirus. The remaining balances of the students who load their March 2020 subscription are returned on their Denizli Student Card. March in Denizli Student Card subscriptions [more…]

coronavirus guide for curious children
34 Istanbul

Coronavirus Guide for Curious Children 'Curiosity Overcomes Fear'

The "Coronavirus Guide for Curious Children", which was created in cooperation with Italian Children's Museums and supported by the International Children's Museums Association (Hands-on International), has been translated into Turkish. Directory, Turkey representative of Informal Education International Hands-on-çocukistanbul and the City Council in collaboration with IMM [more…]

social distance control in public transport vehicles
07 Antalya

Social Distance Control in Public Transportation

Against the corona virus epidemic, the circular regarding the number of 50 percent passengers in public transportation and sitting at a safe distance was started to be implemented in Antalya. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality also conducted an inspection in public transportation vehicles. Police teams are 65 in Closed Road [more…]

Passenger control against viruses at Izmir Bus Terminal
35 Izmir

Passenger Control Against Virus in Izmir Bus Terminal

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality inspected the buses and minibuses at the bus station within the scope of combating the new coronavirus epidemic. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality inspected the buses and minibuses in the intercity bus station against the new coronavirus epidemic. The Ministry of Interior issued a circular within the scope of combating the epidemic, and [more…]

top passages and stops were disinfected in manisa
45 Manisa

Overpasses and Stops Disinfected in Manisa

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which intensely applies coronavirus measures throughout the city, does not stop disinfection and hygiene activities. In this context, Metropolitan Municipality teams carried out disinfection work at overpasses and bus stops. Within the scope of combating the coronavirus epidemic, [more…]

stay at home at traffic lights in sakarya
54 Sakarya

Stay Awareness of Sakarya Traffic Lights

Traffic Branch Directorate teams aimed to raise awareness by placing the slogan 'Stay at Home' on the traffic lights at various intersections in Boulevard, Gümrükönü, Soğanpazarı, Yeni Mosque and State Hospital, where the density of vehicles and pedestrians in our city is high. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

We are behind the supply chain
35 Izmir

We Are Behind The Supply Chain

The corona virus (COVID-19), which started in Wuhan, China and spread to all of China and the world, affects not only the Chinese economy, but also the world economy. States, institutions and individuals are trying to act together to implement measures and comply with the rules. In [more…]

Stay at Home at Traffic Lights in Balikesir
10 Balikesir

Call for Stay at Traffic Lights in Balıkesir

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality has added a new one to its work to support the #EvdeKal campaign. The municipality called the citizens by writing "STAY AT HOME" on the traffic lights in the city center signaling systems. Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, coronovirus affecting the whole world [more…]

ibb disinfects everywhere from underpasses to stops
34 Istanbul

IMM Continues Disinfecting Istanbul Against Coronation

IMM continues its disinfection works that it started throughout the city due to the coronavirus. The cleaning products used during the works do not cause any harm to human and environmental health. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continues to disinfect Istanbul against coronavirus. Both of the city [more…]