From the orbital teachers to the cable car opposite house and adventure park discount tidings
52 Army

ORBEL Offers Good News to Teachers

Gospel Discount from Teachers to ORBEL; Ordu Metropolitan Municipality subsidiary ORBEL A.Ş. 24 stated that there will be a 50% discount at the Cable Car Facility, Reverse House and Adventure Park on November Teachers' Day. 24 NOVEMBER PERCENT 50 [more…]

airport quality concrete road was built to the plateaus
61 Trabzon

Airport Quality Concrete Road was Built in Trabzon

Airport Quality Concrete Road was Built to the Highlands in Trabzon; Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities within the scope of the Yesilyol Project, which aims to connect the highlands of the Eastern Black Sea. Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department [more…]

tourist-friendly taxi training started in kayseride
38 Kayseri

Tourist Friendly Taxi Training Started in Kayseri

Erciyes A.Ş., a subsidiary of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. and Dostu Tourist Friendly Taxi başla training program started within the framework of the protocol between the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism and the Chamber of Drivers, which is a subsidiary of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

sinop city center no traffic lights kirsehir light field
40 Kirsehir

Sinop City Center No Traffic Light, Kirsehir Light Field

Within the framework of the ”Transportation Master Plan yapılan made during the Yaşar Bahçeci period in Kırşehir, 30 million dollar signaling system turned the city into a traffic light field. 150 Master Transportation Master Plan ulan which was put into practice in Kirsehir with a population of thousand [more…]

egoya new bus to buy
06 Ankara

300 New Bus to EGO

Ankara Mayor Mansur Yavaş announced that they will buy 300 new buses to EGO. Yavaş said that it is difficult to implement a light rail system or BRT project due to overpasses. [more…]

ankara ulasim edited calistayi
06 Ankara

Ankara Transportation Workshop Organized

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality organized “Ankara Transportation Workshop amacıyla in order to form future transportation policies in the field of public transportation which has an important place in urban life. EGO General Directorate, high-quality, respectful to the environment in the capital [more…]

the last steam locomotive was somanin
45 Manisa

The Last Steam Locomotive Becomes Soma

The Last Steam Locomotive Became Soma; One of the biggest steam locomotives in the world, which has been idle for a long time in the Soma district of Manisa and has been decaying, is preparing to be exhibited in Istasyon Square. in Soma [more…]