hkmo reviewed the tcdd campus allocated to medipol university
06 Ankara

HKMO Investigates TCDD Campus Allocated to Medipol University

HKMO Conducted an Examination at TCDD Campus Allocated to Medipol University; HKMO Ankara Branch, conducting an investigation in the TCDD Campus allocated to Medipol University, announced that approximately 50 thousand square meters of area was allocated to Medipol. According to the news of İsmail Arı from Birgün; TMMOB [more…]

Two routes for the Sakarya railway line
54 Sakarya

Two Routes for Sakarya Rail System Line Determined!

Two Routes Determined for Sakarya Rail System Line !; Speaking during his visit to Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan said, “We will be closely interested in Sakarya's projects. Sakarya is a city that deserves the best projects. Our Metropolitan Mayor [more…]

Halkapinar Bus Station Metro is going to tender soon
35 Izmir

Halkapınar Bus Station Subway Tenders Soon

Halkapınar Bus Station Metro Coming Out Soon; President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in his speech in Izmir, "Halkapınar Bus Station Metro works have started, there will be a tender very soon." They have invested a total of 17 billion lira in İzmir in the last 25 years in transportation, [more…]

54 Sakarya

20 Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey is in TÜVASAŞ

Within the scope of the International Diplomacy Summit organized by the Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) Diplomatic Relations Committee, the ambassadors and interest routes of 20 countries in Sakarya visited TÜVASAŞ. Expressing that they are happy with the visits of TÜVASAŞ, TÜVASAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. İlhan [more…]

Gebze Darica Subway
41 Kocaeli

CHP Kocaeli Deputy Akar Owns Gebze Darıca Subway

CHP Kocaeli Deputy Akar Again Protected Gebze Darıca Metro; Republican People's Party Kocaeli Deputy and PM Member Haydar Akar claimed the metro project of the Metropolitan Municipality According to the report of Sebahattin Aydın from Kocaeli Barış Newspaper; ”CHP Deputy of Kocaeli [more…]

tcddde number of subcontractor workers increased
06 Ankara

TCDD Increases Number of Subcontracted Workers

Number of Subcontracted Workers Increased in TCDD; Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Turhan announced that this number increased to 2 thousand 800 in TCDD, which had 3 thousand 447 subcontractor employees in the TBMM KİT Commission last year, According to the news of Hüseyin Şimşek from Birgün; Turkish Grand National Assembly [more…]

how metrobus drivers withstand extreme stress
34 Istanbul

IETT Psychologists Observe Metrobus Drivers

IETT Psychologists Observed the Metrobus Drivers; Metrobus drivers, which serve Istanbul residents 7/24, had special visitors in the resting areas. IETT psychologists landed on the field, spending time with the drivers sohbet did. Psychologists, ride by the driver's cabin in the metrobus [more…]