Hakkari Ski Center is Preparing for the New Season

hakkari ski resort is preparing ambitious for the new season
hakkari ski resort is preparing ambitious for the new season

Hakkari Ski Center is Preparing for the New Season; Governor and Deputy Mayor of Hakkari Idris Akniyik, 2.500 altitude at the Merga Butan Ski Center completed the construction of the ski lifts and piste area was examined.

Governor Akbıyık visited the ski lifts and piste area in the ski center and received information from the Youth and Sports Provincial Director Reşit Güldal.

Governor Idris Akbiyik, who later made a statement to members of the press, said that the ski center is ready for the winter term with the completion of work in the chairlift and piste area.

Stating that the runway area was increased to 3.500 meters, Governor Akbıyık said, ık We made our tracks. We're done with the chairlift again. Our old runway, which is 1.200 meters, was also maintained. We have made a small pond by arranging the landscaping of our citizens in order to have picnics or different activities in summer. The most important problem of Hakkâri is the accommodation problem, the hotel problem. In order to solve the problem of accommodation for sports lovers and ski lovers, we made a tender for the hotel and sports camp training center. With the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Special Provincial Administration and DAKA, as the Governor of Hakkâri, I hope we will complete the hotel construction in the next 2-3 year and organize it in national or even international competitions in the future. Hakkâri really has many talented young people in sports and especially in winter and mountain sports. Even now, despite the inadequacy of our current facilities we have with Turkey athletes with first degree related to skiing in the many branches. Hopefully, with these facilities, the future of sports in Hakkari will be more beautiful. U

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