Ankara Transportation Workshop Organized

ankara ulasim edited calistayi
ankara ulasim edited calistayi

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality organized “Ankara Transportation Workshop amacıyla in order to form future transportation policies in the field of public transportation which has an important place in urban life.

EGO General Directorate brought together all the stakeholders to build a high quality, environmentally friendly and visionary transportation policy in Başkent, while Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş made the opening speech of the workshop.


Stressing that they want to get the opinion of every sector from academicians to non-governmental organizations, President Yavaş said that they wanted to determine the new road map of the capital transportation.

Yav I cannot know the traffic in the transportation sector as much as a dolmuş im. Başkan Mayor Yavaş emphasized the common reason for the solution of the transportation problem.

Herkes Everybody in the world resolves this transportation issue in some way. We'il figure it out. We will solve it together with scientists and non-governmental organizations. The number of passengers we carry free of charge in Ankara is 30 per day and the loss is 630 million pounds. We signed a protocol with the mayor of Moscow. At the meeting there, the mayor of Helsinki told me that unfortunately we could not pass 85 in bicycle transportation. This rate is zero percent in Ankara. That's why we started building an 56 kilometer bike path. We do not have a habit of criticizing past administrations, but public transport has been neglected in Ankara. In 2010, we had the 2 thousand 37 buses connected to EGO. With the Metropolitan Law, when the districts were included, the population of Ankara approached the 6 million population. Our current number of buses is one thousand 540, one of them is running in districts. Next year we will buy another 200 bus with a natural gas (CNG) 90. There is a suburban train that runs through the heart of Ankara and uses 300 thousand 51 people daily. At least 600-300 thousand people should benefit from this service. ”


Stating that they have access to information about how many passengers are transported instantly thanks to EGO Buses, Private Public Buses, ANKARAY, Metro and finally smart taxis, except for dolmuş in Ankara, Mayor Yavaş also shared his solution proposal to reduce traffic density:

“Among our election period projects was to change the working hours in Ankara. People lose a long time in traffic in the morning hours in Ankara. We are trying to solve this project regarding the transportation of Ankara residents free of charge or at a very low amount by changing the working hours in the private sector, even if it is not in the public. ”

There will be no crazy projects in transportation

Nihat Alkaş, General Manager of EGO, underlined that they adopt participatory management approach in public transportation policies and announced that they will implement projects that are on the ground instead of crazy projects:

Uz We care about preparing the Sustainable Transport Master Plan. Thus, for the future of our city, 20 will create an annual sustainable transportation policy and realize our projects one by one with this vision. Our technical studies are about to be completed in our Bicycle Road Project, which is among our priorities. We will start the Bike Path construction in as little as three months. Approximately 45 million TL grants from European Union and USA are very important for us in this project. From now on, we want to move towards a transportation policy and an investment approach that meets our needs, rather than transport investments, which are called crazy projects that require large allocation of resources that are not suitable for our financing structure. ”

Speaking at the workshop that coincided with the 20 November World Children's Rights Day, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Children's Assembly Cagin Aladag expressed his views on transportation and said: A major problem for you. We want steps to be taken to solve these problems. ”

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