honored trams of konyas
387 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Konya's veteran trams carry Bosnians

Konya's veteran trams carry Bosnians; The first trams made in Konya in 1992 and the trams brought from Germany were sent to Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital Sarajevo with the decision taken during the Tahir Akyürek period. Education of citizens in Konya [more…]

great ease of access to students in ankara
06 Ankara

Great Access to Students in Ankara

Great Access to Students in Ankara; Mansur Yavaş, the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, continues to implement applications that make life easier for the students in the capital city. It was launched for the first time in Ankara on the order of President Yavaş and the age limit was [more…]

Pedal In Memory Of Atatürk
06 Ankara

Pedaled in Memory of Atatürk at Çubuk

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Çubuk Family Life Center, 81. Within the scope of the anniversary week, it organized Tanışma Meet with Tandem Bicycles ”event which is known as iki Tandem Bicycles Çubuk in Çubuk. First time riding tandem bikes [more…]