Sinop City Center No Traffic Light, Kirsehir Light Field

sinop city center no traffic lights kirsehir light field
sinop city center no traffic lights kirsehir light field

Within the framework of the ”Transportation Master Plan yapılan made during the Yaşar Bahçeci period in Kırşehir, the 30 million-dollar signaling system turned the city into a traffic light field.

With the ”Transportation Master Plan ulan which was put into practice in Kırşehir with a population of thousand people, serious changes have been made in the superstructure, parking system and public transportation. As a result of this work, the parking system was changed and made available for DS EDS.. With the project, a new era in public transportation was entered. Besides, traffic lights were placed at many points outside the junction points.

”They have been turned into city traffic light T

Some citizens stated that the traffic light is unnecessary in a small city like Kırşehir, while some state that this situation makes the traffic even more dysfunctional and the traffic is unnecessarily waiting in the city. told an incident that had happened before; Trafik The traffic light in front of the cultural center for pedestrians was lit red for vehicles. However, there was a pedestrian, neither passing nor waiting.I also knew that the pedestrian is not expected in the light of pedestrian, and I passed without waiting. The traffic police from behind stopped me and got up to do the procedure. They turned Kırşehir into a field of light so that we could spend it and make a Transportation Master Plan. ”


Especially in small cities like Kırşehir, no signaling is used.

In Turkey, where there are no traffic lights; Sinop… In the city center of Sinop, the traffic signaling lamps were removed due to the disruptions in transportation with the decision taken by the Provincial Traffic Commission 21 years ago. Thus, in Sinop, vehicle drivers gave priority to each other and springs during the crossings and the accident rates dropped to almost non-existent levels. (Kırşehirhabertürk)


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