iettnin innovation site
34 Istanbul

IETT's Innovation Site from Istanbul

Un Feed chairs should be added to the buses ”, lar Handles that do not hold bacteria can be improved”, ın EDS device should be installed in front of the buses and automatic penalties should be issued for violations… IETT's innovation site ( compiled interesting suggestions from Istanbul residents. [more…]

omsana atlas logistics awards
34 Istanbul

OMSAN Receives 3 Award from Atlas Logistics Awards

3 Award from Atlas Logistics Awards to OMSAN; OMSAN Lojistik has been awarded with the 10 Atlas Award in the International Logistics Operators, International Maritime Transport Companies and Railway Transport Companies categories at the Atlas Logistics Awards held this year. [more…]

Istanbul Beus System
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Ready for Winter with BEUS System

Thousands of 6 thousand 882 personnel and thousand 373 vehicles will serve to prevent disruption of life in Istanbul. 60 critical point of the city will be monitored continuously with BEUS system and pre-icing measures will be taken to prevent accidents. Istanbul [more…]