samsun sivas railways led by
55 Samsun

Samsun Sivas Railways Why the regulations were not followed?

Why the Regulation was not followed in Samsun Sivas Railway? ; Although the 'Regulation on Measures to be Taken for Railway Level Crossings and Implementation Principles', which entered into force in 2013, states that 'Level crossing cannot be made' on roads with a daily vehicle momentum of more than 30 thousand vehicles, [more…]

These train trains, which can reach km s, promise to connect together

800 Km Per Hour Giant Train AeroSlider

Many designs are emerging that will inspire technology in order to move towards clean and sustainable energy in the world. Inspired by rail gun with its design logic, this huge train aims to connect the continents. Airlines are not among the most polluting factors in the world [more…]

tudemsas bogies were used in wascosanin wagons
41 Switzerland

TÜDEMSAŞ Bogies Were Used In Swiss Wascosa's Wagons

TÜDEMSAŞ Bogies were Used in the Swiss Wascosa's Wagons; Container transport wagons produced in cooperation with TÜDEMSAŞ-Private Sector were delivered to the Swiss company. The most important of the 25 Sgmmnss type 40 feet container transport wagons produced in cooperation with the Public - Private Sector [more…]

thank you
33 Mersin

President Seçer's Thanks to the Hero Driver

Thanks from President Seçer to the Hero Driver; Aziz Oğuz, who works as a bus driver in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, recently made a story of heroism. 63-year-old Faruk Özcan, who had a heart attack in the bus he used, intervened and received a heart massage. [more…]

new hotel to be built in istanbul airport
34 Istanbul

3 New Hotels to be Built at Istanbul Airport

An EIA application has been made for the hotels to be located in the Airport City to be established next to the Istanbul Airport in Arnavutköy. IGA will operate the hotels with 750 rooms for 25 years. İGA Airport Operations for 25 years on the grounds of Istanbul Airport [more…]

percent of citizens i loved yhtyi
06 Ankara

98 Percent of Citizens Like YHT

Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure; He announced that the satisfaction rate of YHTs, which hosted more than 52 million passengers so far, is 98 percent. Minister Turhan, thanks to combined transport operations launched by the YHT 13 provinces and 42 percent of Turkey's population [more…]

school and italian ubv group power combined
34 Istanbul

Ekol Logistics and Italian UBV Group Join Forces

Ekol Logistics, which continues to grow in the international arena, has signed a long-term cooperation with the Italian UBV Group. Ekol aims to increase its service quality by expanding its branches and distribution network, and since 2020, Ekol continues its transportation activities in Italy under the UBV Group organization. [more…]

iett establishes transportation academy for sofor education
34 Istanbul

IETT Establishes Transportation Academy for Drivers

In accordance with the agreement between the IMM organization UGETAM and IETT, training and certification of all drivers, especially IETT employees, will be provided. In the academy to be established, training will be given to all transportation professionals across the country over time. Serving in the field of public transportation [more…]

international subway for istanbul subway
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Metro International Excellence Award

International Excellence Award for Istanbul Metro; Turkey's giant project continues to come international awards. Finally, Istanbul Metro won the grand prize at the AEC Excellence Awards 2019 (AEC Excellence Awards 2019), one of the most prestigious organizations in the world. [more…]

tcdd seeks care for trains
01 Adana

TCDD Seeks Remedy for Grinding Events for Trains

TCDD is looking for a solution to grinding incidents that threaten the safety of life and property on trains. In 2019, 327 trains were stoned. Wagon windows exploded due to grinding events. Many people were injured, from the mechanic to the passenger; Thousands of pounds of damage occurred. Well, grinding [more…]

baskent ankara hosted the off season robotics tournament
06 Ankara

Başkent Ankara Hosts Off-Season'19 Robot Tournament

Başkent Ankara Hosted Off-Season'19 Robot Tournament; In Robot Tournament organized by Private Tevfik Fikret Schools with the support of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and many institutions and organizations; Coming to Ankara from the provinces of Istanbul, Samsun, Muğla, Çorum and Eskişehir [more…]

atlasjet halted its flights temporarily
34 Istanbul

AtlasJet Temporarily Stopped Flights

AtlasJet Temporarily Stopped Flights; Atlasjet Aviation A.Ş. will not fly until December 21st. Announcement of return and change will be made for the sold tickets. In the statement made on the website of the company, “Dear Passengers, with the decision taken by our Airline, we offer you a different [more…]

date today november opium aksehir km line

Today in History: 27 November 1892

Today, 27 November 1892, the temporary acceptance procedures of the Polatlı-Ankara line were made. 27 November 1895 Afyon-Akşehir (98 km) line was opened. The line was purchased by the state on December 31, 1928.