Road Projects to Breathe Traffic to Malatya

road projects that will breathe the traffic of malatya are going to a life
road projects that will breathe the traffic of malatya are going to a life

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement road projects that constitute the vital vessels of Malatya. Starting at the junction of the station and connected to Sivas road 25 meters wide road project was hit the first digging.

The total length of 4.7 kilometer connection road starts at the station junction, New Indoor Sports Hall, Sugar Factory, Sports and Life Center, Maşti'den continue, Metro shopping center, Police School will be connected to the Malatya-Sivas highway.

Ring road will be made in stages, which will ease the western traffic. 1 kilometer line will be built within the scope of the first stage works. The former SSK junction, 25, which leads to the 2 meter wide road. Ordu Lodging junction, Mashti junction, Bostanbaşı junction and Police School junction will also reduce the intensity.

Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, the road works in the region where the investigation, gave information about the project. Some members of parliament and heads of departments accompanied the tour.

25 meters wide road will relax the ring road

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan stated that they have implemented the projected ways to make the transportation in the city healthier, and that the most indispensable elements are ways for Malatya to grow healthier in the future.

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