Pedestrian overpasses in Malatya

In Malatya, pedestrian overpasses are being lifted: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality is building a lift for pedestrian overpasses on highways by highways.
Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, which is continuing its activities within the scope of transportation planning for vehicle and pedestrian safety, is also using lifts for pedestrian overpasses on highways by highways, especially for the use of elderly and disabled citizens.
According to the information given on the subject, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, which makes investments, services and applications that facilitate human life, also facilitates the use of pedestrian overpasses. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality is building elevator for pedestrian overpasses which are built by the highways by Malatya Metropolitan Municipality.
The pedestrian overpasses in front of the municipality, New State Hospital and MAŞTİ are being constructed by the highways and the elevators are installed especially for the disabled and elderly citizens, especially for vehicles and pedestrian safety. When the cabs are completed in the elevator assembly which is brought to the completion stage, the installation of the front windows of the elevators is continued.
In addition to the elevator installations planned to be put into service soon, rubber floorings were made to the floor of the overpasses and pedestrian landing areas were covered with basalt stone and the descents and outlets would be made safer.

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