The Voivodeship Festival Will Contribute to the Promotion of the Army

vosvos festival will contribute to the promotion of the army
vosvos festival will contribute to the promotion of the army

Army Metropolitan Municipality, organized with the support of Turkey and attended the beetle enthusiasts from different parts of the province where over 200 15. The Voivodeship Festival began.

The legendary Bettle model of Volkswagen, which still attracts great attention from all over the world, is 15 organized in Ordu. Met at the Festival of Voivodeship. Ünye Çınarsuyu Beginning to gather their tents by gathering in the camp area, the enthusiasts will contribute to Ordu tourism with their activities between July and 1-7.

Voicing their pleasure to be in Ordu, the voyager lovers said, uz We look forward to seeing the army and its highlands. First of all, this opportunity provided to us by our Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. We would like to thank Mehmet Hilmi Güler. Turkey's've had the chance to camp in many cities, but the sea, nature and tourism points of the Army has its own beauty. We realize it from the day we arrive. Metropolitan Municipality has mobilized every opportunity for us. We don't even have the slightest glitch. A very professional team is spending the day with us. We think that our festival will be more beautiful this year compared to the past years. Ular

1, which will make an important contribution to the development of Ordu's tourism, will not leave any place in Ordu during the week. Lovers of straddling:

2 On July, volleyball, football and backgammon tournaments will be held among the enthusiasts in Çınarsuyu Camp area. There will also be recreation, sea and beach activities. In the evening, the film will be screened in the film.

3 will be played as a souvenir at the camp site on Wednesday, July, as a souvenir, pulling ropes, carrying eggs, eating yogurt, sack racing, and handkerchief. In addition, an information meeting will be held for the plateau event to be held the next day.

On Thursday, July 4, the vosvos, which will set off from the Çınarsuyu Camp site, will first gather at Cape Yason, where the "Legend of the Argonaut" took place during the Eastern Roman Empire, 3 years ago. The vosvos that will set out in convoy will gather in front of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. After lunch, vosvos enthusiasts who will set out for plateaus will set up a tent in Çelikkıran Obası in the evening.

5 After breakfast in Celikkiran Obasi on July Friday, a trekking activity will be organized for Susuz Obasi and a photo safari will be organized. In the evening, a film event will be held. 6 After a visit to the Corner Obası on Saturday, the voices will gather in the Yeşilce region of Mesudiye. After hiking all day long in Yeşilce, the enthusiasts will return to the Çelikkıran Obası camp site.

On Sunday, July 7 will have a pre-farewell collective breakfast. Those who want to go back to their hometown farewell, for those who want to stay will be organized a trip to Gerce Waterfall.

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