High Demand for Air Taxi Flights in Mersin

intense demand for air taxi flights in Mersin
intense demand for air taxi flights in Mersin

The helicopter, which is owned by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and is generally used for inspection services, was presented to the citizens upon the instruction of Mayor Vahap Seçer within the scope of saving measures. Air Taxi, which started to serve as Air Taxi and made its first flight from Gülnar to Antalya in June, 22, demand is increasing day by day.

In line with the decision taken by President Seçer within the scope of saving measures, the citizens for the flights in the Air Taxi, which is rented at reasonable prices, are in line. Air Taxi, which is the center of attention of the brides and grooms who want to try different concepts at their weddings, families who have their children circumcised, also serves intercity. On the other hand, the demands of the hotel customers to be taken from the airport, providing high quality and short time transportation are increasing.

Air taxi only in the area
Air Taxi, which makes its first flight from Antalya to Gülnar, includes requests from Nevşehir, Gaziantep and Ankara as well as from Cyprus.

Air Taxi, the only aircraft operating in this region, carried out its second flight in June, taking a high-level delegation from Ankara to Nevşehir.

An agreement was made with a Shopping Center in Gaziantep for the third flight of Hava Taxi. An 4 hour flight agreement was signed with a Shopping Center in Gaziantep that wanted to fly a family of its customers by drawing.

How is Air Taxi rented?
Mersin Metropolitan Municipality's new service Air Taxi's price schedule varies according to the hour. 4-6 person capacity helicopter hourly rental fee is 9 thousand TL, while half-hour rental fee is 4 thousand 500. Thus, the price per person of an 6 person and a flight scheduled for half an hour timetable corresponds to the average 100 Euro.

Those who want to benefit from the Air Taxi service should apply to Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department at least two days before the scheduled flight date. If you want to get detailed information about Air Taxi service, you can get information from 03245333801 phone number which is connected to Transportation Department.



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