Hejaz Train 101 in Jordan After Years

hejaz train years later in urdunde
hejaz train years later in urdunde

An exhibition about the Hejaz Railways, also known as the last major project of the Ottoman Empire, opened in Jordan 101 years after the opening of the railways.

Hejaz Railway means a big dream come true. The architect of this project, which connects Istanbul and the holy land, is the architect of II. Abdul Hamid. Unfortunately, Hicaz Railway 27, which is unfortunately not used today, was carrying great hopes for the Muslims of the world as it traveled from Istanbul to Medina with its first passengers in August 1908. 111 years have passed since the opening. ”From Istanbul to Hijaz: Hicaz Railways with Documents” Exhibition and Conference was held in Jordan with the cooperation of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and Yunus Emre Institute (YEE).

Within the scope of the event, documents and photographs were exhibited on 100, which has survived from the Ottoman Archives. In the exhibition, II. The donation campaign initiated by Abdulhamid included documents, telegraph samples, official correspondence, historical maps and photographs of the people who supported them both inside and outside the Ottoman lands. diplomatic representatives and Turkish and Jordanian guests.

“From Istanbul to Hejaz: Hicaz Railways with Documents” exhibition is planned to be offered to visitors in Jordan's historical and culturally important cities after the capital Amman.

Sultan II. Hicaz Railway, which Abdulhamid Khan said hakkında is my old dream., Was built between Damascus and Medina between 1900-1908 years. The construction started from Damascus to Medina and reached Amman in 1903, Maan in 1904, Medayin-i Salih in 1906 and Medina in 1908. The construction of the railway was completed in an acceptable time despite the extreme difficulties caused by extreme heat, drought, water shortage and poor terrain conditions. One of the most important projects of the period, the Hejaz Railway was realized with donations delivered to the Ottoman Empire by Muslims living in different geographies of the world and became a work that symbolizes the unity of Muslims. 1 / 3 was provided from donations and 2 / 3 from other revenues.

The project, which started at 1900, was completed at 1908 at an astonishing pace even today. 27 August At 1908, exactly 100 made its first Istanbul Medina voyage a year ago. The entire Muslim world has completed this project, which facilitates access to the holy land, with prayers and support. 9 continued to serve the public throughout the year Hejaz Railway. Last Surre Regiment 14 May 1917'de went by rail. 7 The Mondros Treaty signed in January 1919 changed everything. The agreement lost all its dominance in the Ottoman Hijaz region. Then the management of the hejaz railway was taken from the hands of the Ottoman state. In the following years, the railway became completely unusable due to the effects of war and neglect. (Yeni Şafak)

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