Mersin is also looking for the best in transportation

mersin big city is looking for the best in transportation
mersin big city is looking for the best in transportation

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to solve the problems in public transportation and increase the quality without slowing down. The metropolitan municipality met with the representatives of the sector and held meetings with the managers and drivers of the public transport cooperatives that provide transportation for tens of thousands of citizens throughout the province.

Meeting with Tarsus and Çamlıyayla cooperative managers
A meeting was held in Tarsus Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles in order to identify problems in public transportation and to listen to the requests of the drivers from the Metropolitan. The meeting organized by the Municipal Police Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, Tarsus and Çamlıyayla'da cooperatives operating in the transport sector participated in the chairman and members.

At the meeting, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Police Department Head Fuat Tuğluoğlu, Mukhtar's Office Department Head Ali Rıza Özdemir, Tarsus Traffic Supervision Bureau Supervisor-Deputy Commissioner Bekir Doğanay, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Tarsus-Çamlıyayla Branch Manager Muzaffer Akkılıç, managers of the related units and public transport cooperatives. members joined.

The aim is to provide the best service to the citizen
Metropolitan Municipality Police Department Head Fuat Tugluoglu, in his speech at the meeting, as a result of the strict measures taken in recent years, the number of fatal traffic accidents in the feast of the remaining years, he noted that the remaining victims of the Eid al-Adha.

Tuğluoğlu reminded that metropolitan municipality's own vehicles as well as cooperatives provide transportation for tens of thousands of citizens throughout the province every day. “There are regulations in public transport that ensure the traffic flow to be carried out safely and regularly. Our drivers using public transport need to know more about these regulations. If desired, we can organize training activities on this subject. We are always open to dialogue with our valued craftsmen. Our goal is not to penalize, but to provide regular traffic flow and provide the best service to our citizens, ”he said.

Özdemir emphasizes quality
Ali Rıza Özdemir, Head of the Department of Mukhtarship of the Metropolitan Municipality, emphasized the quality of service. Stating that the cooperatives have internal control mechanisms, Özdemir said, “Of course, each cooperative has an internal control mechanism. However, in order to increase the quality of services, we are still in the public inspections. Here, we should not forget that both the Municipality and as you cooperatives serve our people. So we have to be very sensitive. We have to comply with the traffic rules, operate the air conditioners regularly, give maximum attention to the costume, provide in-vehicle safety and behave sensitively to many other issues ”.

Cooperatives also expressed their problems
Then the president and members of the cooperatives took the floor and expressed their expectations and opinions. President and members of the cooperative, especially in relation to the line between the public bus and the cooperative's Çamliyayla line said they had problems due to the difference in fees. One driver; Fark The difference is huge. We have rent, our cars are old. We demand that you address this issue ”. Metropolitan officials said the issue will be raised.

Head of Mukhtar's Office, Özdemir said that the line at Çamlayayla has just started and is being considered for the beginning of the summer period, and that the expeditions, hours or prices will be arranged for the dolmuş in the coming period.

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