Earthquake and Safe Traffic Training in Sultangazi

earthquake and safe traffic education in sultangaz
earthquake and safe traffic education in sultangaz

In thematic parks brought to the district by Sultangazi Municipality, children are given training on various topics. While the children are raised about natural disasters with simulation-supported trainings organized in the "Earthquake Education Park", traffic rules are taught in the "Applied Traffic Education Park".

Earthquake and traffic are among the most important problems of our age. Turkey's involvement in the earthquake zone while increasing awareness about the importance of the earthquake, when traffic intertwined in every phase of daily life, which bring to the fore the concept secure traffic.

Earthquake Education Park, which was brought to the district by Sultangazi Municipality, raises awareness about natural disasters and traffic rules are taught in Applied Traffic Education Park.


In the “Şehit Özay Gezgin Earthquake Education Park” held in 50 Yıl Mahallesi, children are given various trainings on possible natural disasters and earthquakes. With the special simulator in the park, information is provided on what students should do in case of an earthquake.

After explaining what needs to be done during the earthquake, the trainers show the practical applications of those who are caught in an earthquake in the classroom or at home in the simulator that is adjusted according to an earthquake of magnitude 7.4.


In the Applied Traffic Education Park in the Habibler District, children are taught traffic rules. The training park has horizontal-vertical traffic signs, signalization systems, bicycle paths, pedestrian crossings, level crossings, pedestrian walkways, training tracks, overpasses and a training laboratory. The children are given information about theoretical and applied traffic by traffic police accompanied by battery powered vehicles.


Sultangazi Mayor Av. Abdurrahman Dursun made statements on the subject. Noting that the Marmara Earthquake in 1999 caused the demolition of thousands of houses and the death and injury of tens of thousands, President Dursun said:

“The Marmara Earthquake has raised social awareness about being prepared for natural disasters. Although natural disasters cannot be prevented, scientific and technical ways and methods of minimizing their negative effects have shown us. The steps taken to prevent distorted structuring and to make the official and private rescue organizations more effective and effective have gained great momentum. ”

Pointing out that trainings are given in Earthquake Education Park in order to raise awareness of children against natural disasters and earthquakes, Mayor Dursun said, “We organize such training programs to raise our children against possible disasters and earthquakes. We also have an earthquake simulator in the earthquake park. Together with the earthquake simulator, we inform both our students and the public about what an earthquake is and what they should do at the time of the earthquake. ”


Mayor Dursun, who also met with children in the Sultangazi Municipality Applied Traffic Training Park, also participated in the training provided by the traffic police. Making a statement on the subject here, President Dursun said, “We are here to create safe traffic awareness. It is a well-known reality that traffic safety cannot be achieved only through the work and efforts of public officials. Therefore, the contributions of non-governmental organizations and citizens with a sense of responsibility on this matter are very important. ”

Stating that various trainings are given in Applied Traffic Education Park to create a safe traffic awareness for children, Mayor Dursun said, “We hope that a good education in the field of traffic, as in everything else, will make our children's future life better and more protected. This traffic training track is designed like a miniature of real traffic life. We give our children both theoretical and practical traffic education here. ”

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