BTSO Logistics Inc. Provides Speed ​​and Cost Advantage in Exports

btso logistics as provides speed and cost advantage in exports
btso logistics as provides speed and cost advantage in exports

BTSO Board Member Muhsin Koçaslan, who emphasized that exporters from Bursa and logistics sector representatives could make Yenişehir an important destination in air cargo by hand in hand, invited companies to benefit more from Yenişehir Air Cargo Facilities. Koçaslan, Yenişehir with the increase in demand further underlined that the costs will be lowered.

Yenişehir Airport Air Cargo Transportation Information Meeting was held at BTSO Main Service Building with the participation of representatives of the logistics sector. BTSO Board Member Muhsin Koçaslan, BTSO Logistics Council President Mehmet Aydın Kalyoncu and BTSO 44. During the meeting, which was organized with the participation of members of the Occupational Committee (Freight Transportation, Customs, Warehouse and Logistics Activities), Logistics Inc., a subsidiary of BTSO, provided information about the air freight service carried out at Yenişehir Airport.


Muhsin Koçaslan stated that Yenişehir Airport Air Cargo Facilities, which have been idle for about 20 years, have been reopened with the vision of BTSO and that companies can benefit more from Yenişehir's facilities. Koçaslan stated that the use of Yenişehir in Bursa's foreign trade operations provided a speed and cost advantage. Since April, we have been carrying out international cargo flights from Yenişehir. We continue our efforts to make our exporters and importers more oriented towards Yenişehir. Bursa's exports should fly abroad from Bursa's airport. I hope that we will achieve this with the support of our shipping companies. ”


MNG Airlines in cooperation with the Yenişehir once a week overseas flights are stating Koçaslan, demand will increase with the increase in the number of flights, he added. Stating that the capacity of cargo planes is 43 tons, Koçaslan said: ız We need to direct the freight forwarders and forwarders to us. If we reach the target level in terms of freight, our planes will travel directly from abroad and the costs will be much more favorable compared to Istanbul. Today, the airport in Liege, which is located 70 km from the Belgian capital Brussels, is used more actively than Brussels. This is all about demand. We expect our companies to make Yenişehir a habit. ”


Stating that the project implemented under the leadership of BTSO is the project of Bursa and that they believe that the Bursa business world will make the necessary contribution to this project, Koçaslan said, uk We established a permanent warehouse at Yenişehir Airport. We have all the necessary legal permissions. We provided the convenience of customs procedures. When you go to Sabiha Gökçen today, there is a density. Yenisehir is both fast and close. Your warehouse is out of product. When the plane landed in Yenişehir, customs procedures are completed in a very short time. We also provide an important opportunity for our companies in terms of cost. A big company like BOSCH has started to use Yenişehir and they are very satisfied. Konu


Mehmet Aydın Kalyoncu, Chairman of BTSO Logistics Council, stated that companies can send their products abroad, particularly to Germany, England, France and the USA via Yenişehir Airport, and said: ası Our Chamber, which has taken a great responsibility to reactivate the Yenişehir Airport Air Cargo Facilities, will take care of this project. required. Hopefully, together we will make Yenişehir an important base in airline cargo transportation. ” Representatives of the sector who attended the meeting stated that they are ready to provide all kinds of support to increase demand in Yenişehir.

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