Minister Turhan: 'We are Developing Projects for Passenger and Freight Transport by High Speed'

We develop projects for transporting passengers and freight by high speed train.
We develop projects for transporting passengers and freight by high speed train.

Minister Turhan made examinations in Malatya, where he came for various visits, on the Northern Ring Road under construction.

Turhan, who later visited the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, received information about his work from Mayor Selahattin Gürkan.

Turhan, in his speech here, said that the city is a crossroads and developed in every aspect.

When a journalist asked about the work on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Minister Turhan said:

“The work there goes as planned. We're going in front of the program. Fortunately, the weather conditions allowed us to complete our work schedule before the schedule we had anticipated. I hope we will complete it in a shorter time than previous years. We aim to complete the maintenance and repair works at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge before the Eid Al-Adha and open it to the service of the people of Istanbul with full capacity. ”

Turhan, on the question about the planned high-speed train line in the region with the completion of the project work will be under construction, he stressed.

Turhan representing Turkey in the ongoing work associated with transportation, he said: "Our country has solved its problems with the road transport infrastructure is no longer significant. Our efforts to improve, to improve infrastructure in some regions and to upgrade the standard continue. From now on, we are developing projects for the transportation of passengers and cargo by high-speed train across the country and on its main axes, in order to provide a more economical service to the freight and passenger movement that increases with the increase in economic sizes in our country. ”

“There are those who want to stop our growth”

Turhan reminded that high-speed train service was provided in some provinces and said that construction and project works continue in some provinces.

Minister Turhan, Gaziantep, Sanliurfa, Mardin and Habur high-speed train project between the reminding of the work, said they are forward-looking transportation infrastructure projects.

Pointing out that the economy of the country has tripled in the last 16 years, Minister Turhan said, “We work as a government with determination and effort to reach the 2023 target, namely, to be among the top 10 economies of the world, by making the necessary investments in our country to keep the economy alive with its development in every sector with its industry, agriculture and tourism. Hopefully we will achieve these goals. There are those who want to stop this growth. We know that, but we don't get stuck. We take care of our business. ” found the assessment.

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