Sarp Intermodal Invested in Gaziantep

steep intermodal gaziantepe invested
steep intermodal gaziantepe invested

Sarp Intermodal, one of the leading companies of intermodal transportation, continues its domestic investments. The company opened an office in Gaziantep and will transport the exporters in this region from Mersin Port to Europe and North Africa via intermodal.

Sarp Intermodal has strengthened its overseas structure with offices in Italy, Bulgaria and Germany and continues to invest in offices in Turkey. The company has offices in Izmir, Mersin and Bursa and recently opened offices in Gaziantep.

Will Carry Exporters in the Region to Europe and North Africa

Sarp Intermodal Chairman Onur Talay, who made evaluations regarding the new office, underlined that Gaziantep is a big production city. of manufactured products to many countries, especially in the city the world's attention Talay exported to Europe, "Gaziantep, Turkey's biggest exporter among the first 5-6 province. We will also serve Kayseri, Kahramanmaraş, Adana and Mersin from this office. We want to be able to support the exporters in the region and introduce them to intermodal. ”

Stating that Mersin Port is an advantage for the region, Talay said that they would carry the burden of exporters in the region to Ro-Ro exits from Europe to North and African countries.

Talay said that intermodal transportation offers fixed price guarantee and ideal transit time to the exporter throughout the year and they do not think of border crossing traffic especially in exports to Europe.



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