Train Accident Case in Which 25 People Killed in Çorlu Begins

Corluda train crash case begins
Corluda train crash case begins

The trial of TCDD personnel Turgut Kurt, Özkan Polat, Celaleddin Çabuk and Çetin Yıldırım, who were found to be at fault in the train accident in which 25 people died in the Çorlu district of Tekirdağ, begins on Wednesday.

CumhuriyetAccording to the news of Mahmut Lıcalı from; “CHP Deputy Chairman Gamze Akkuş İlgezdi brought the issue to the agenda of the TBMM by stating that neither the aid or compensation was given to those who lost their relatives or injured in the Çorlu train disaster, where 25 citizens lost their lives due to the chain of negligence. İlgezdi asked the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mehmet Cahit Turan, "Is there a study to provide financial and moral compensation to the families of 25 citizens who have lost their lives and to 340 citizens who have been injured?" Families who lost their relatives for about a year before the first anniversary of the Çorlu train disaster on 8 July, demand for justice continues. Gamze Akkus Ilgezdi, CHP Deputy Chairman, pointed out that the number of people who died in railroad accidents has increased by 5 percent in the proposed motion regarding the process.

İlgezdi pointed out that in 2018, 2017's number of railway accidents increased by 34 and the number of those who lost their lives in 85 increased by 2018. In 113, there has also been an increase in the 2018 level of the impact of trains on people compared to the previous year. ”

İlgezdi reminded that 25 citizen lost his life and 340 citizen was injured in Çorlu train disaster; He noted that although a year has passed, the hearing on the disaster has not been held yet. I İlgez; Within a year, TCDD did not even offer any material and moral compensation to those who lost their relatives, and asked the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turan the following questions: Why doesn't TCDD work to reduce these accidents and mortality? How many TCDD employees are claimed to have a fault in the Çorlu train disaster indictment? Given the fact that 1 has not been providing assistance to those who have lost their relatives and those who have been injured for nearly a year, and not even a compensation offer, will the TCDD do something to alleviate the suffering? Is there any work to provide financial and non-pecuniary damages to the families of the deceased 25 citizens and the injured 340 citizens? ”


8 in Çorlu district of Tekirdağ In July 2018, TCDD personnel Turgut Kurt, Özkan Polat, Celaleddin Çabuk and Çetin Yıldırım, who were found to be the main flaws related to the train accident in which 25 was killed, were “causing negligent death and injury X. they will be tried for up to three years in prison on wednesday. 2 officer, was released on the condition of judicial control, while there is no room for prosecution of the machinists and persons in the top management of TCDD. Families of the dead, injured and lawyers in the accident, everyone to support them on the day of the trial in front of the court invited Çorlu.

Zeliha Bilgin, who lost her daughter, 6 monthly nephew and two sisters in the accident, said that they wanted very hard times and they wanted justice. Bilgin, ne Unfortunately we did not find the justice we want. Now the trial begins, 4 people will be tried. That's not what we wanted. 25 wanted the remaining painful families to stand trial for all those responsible. ”

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