Critical Recommendations for Turkey Journey to expatriates from Transfergo

A turkey expatriate ride on the critical recommendations from transfergo
A turkey expatriate ride on the critical recommendations from transfergo

Transfergo of the world's fastest growing international money transfer companies, the summer period our citizens who live in Europe next country in order to visit Turkey on holiday or for some advice. transfergo, referring to the risk of surplus cash transportation during the trip, with a single click to the desired bank in Turkey and stressed again the ease of transferring money to perform for free.

In this summer, Turks living in many European countries, especially in Germany, are on their way to spend their holidays and to visit their hometowns. Many people also choose their way to reach their homeland by car.

There are many unfortunate events that we frequently encounter in the press during this journey. In particular, by offering a fully digital and free services such as money transfers and donations, facilitating the lives of our expatriate transfergo, before drawing attention to these issues to citizens coming to Turkey, where he held various recommendations.

transfergo Country Manager for Turkey Senem Ozturk, recalled some of the issues to be aware of who will set off on the road.

- Review documents
- Be careful at customs.
-Make care of your vehicle
- Pay attention to work on the road entrances and exits
-Get the embassies' phone.
The more money in your carry -over the commission structure to transfer money to your account without departing Turkey.

Make sure you have all the necessary documents with you as you travel through many different European countries on the road.

Make sure that the documents given to the officers at the border gates and customs crossings for the purpose of checking are fully recovered, review your documents again.

Have the car tires, engine and brake hydraulic oil, brake pads, car belt, air filter, inspection time checked. Depth loss occurs at night vision, so adjust your vehicle's headlight settings and be sure to have your vehicle serviced before you leave. In case of an emergency, do not forget to ask the support of Turkish road hotlines that offer all kinds of services to our expatriate citizens on the road.

At the motorway entrances and exits, also pay attention to road works and pits around the gas stations.

Search and note the phone numbers and addresses of Turkish Embassies and Consulates in the countries along the route. If anything happens to you, you can ask the embassies immediately for help.

Take care not to take a break in deserted places. We are also a mechanic, so be careful with people approaching you for help. Do not carry excess cash or valuables with you.

Surplus money, over transfergo application before leaving the road even higher transaction fees to the bank you wish, you can send in Turkey without paying. Money transfer is one of the most critical issues for our expatriates. The Turks abroad want to be able to transfer money to their countries without waiting for long queues and without paying high transaction fees, they can easily do this with TransferGo.

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