12 Million TL Penalty for 459 Ships Polluting the Gulf in 15,5 Years in Kocaeli

12 Xiaomi 459 Xiaomi 155
12 Xiaomi 459 Xiaomi 155

The inspection teams of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department did not pass the pollution in the Gulf of Izmit. 7 24 2018 hour and night teams working day and night, 10 intervened in the event 2006. Since 459, XNUMX has been fined.

In 2006, the decision on the determination and administrative sanction of pollution caused by ships and other sea vehicles in Izmit Bay was given to the Directorate of Environmental Protection and Control. For this purpose, the rented control ship is closely following the sea pollution caused by ships and other sea vehicles in the Gulf of Izmit.

The Metropolitan Municipality conducts sea pollution controls from ships and sea vehicles to keep the Gulf of Izmit clean by air from the sea. As part of the ongoing efforts since 2007, the sea control plane was the nightmare of ships polluting the Izmit Gulf. 2018 ship 10 million 1 thousand TL was fined in 014.

Environmental Protection and Control Department teams have announced that since the 2006, 459 has been fined approximately 15 thousand thousand TL in 415 since 10. The number of ships polluting the sea has declined considerably due to the supervision of air and sea. 2006 in the Gulf, where the average 90 thousand ships entered a year, while the 2018'in over the 10, the penalty was abolished, while in XNUMX only XNUMX pieces were fined.

In accordance with the protocol signed with the Union of Municipalities of Marmara, the seaplane will serve all the provinces of the Marmara Region. With the sea control and control aircraft planned for the whole of the Sea of ​​Marmara, it will be able to make instant detection for both sea and land pollution. The aircraft, which can take off from the sea, which can make a great contribution to the air control and control of the Sea of ​​Marmara, can also take off and take off from Cengiz Topel Airport.

The quality of sea water is closely monitored by the Metropolitan Municipality. In order to increase the quality of sea water and to increase the population of sea creatures in the Gulf, the project ites Improving Recommendations for Monitoring Water Quality and Terrestrial Inputs of Izmit Gulf and Terrestrial Inputs and Prevention of Pollution arttır was realized in cooperation with TÜBİTAK-MAM. Project and monitoring are carried out at 6 marine station for a year at certain depths (4 times). In addition, samples are taken by 8 creek which is discharged into the Gulf and measurements are made.

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