Rails were installed in the first stage of Sekapark-Plajyolu Tram Line

The first stage of sekapark beach highway tram line rails
The first stage of sekapark beach highway tram line rails

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Akçaray, which operates between Otogar and Sekapark Science Center, extends from Sekapark to the Beach Road. The work of the first stage, which is the new 2,2 meter of 600 km, will be completed in a short time. In the first phase, 3 station's steel assemblies and coating manufacturing continues. In the first stage, rail laying work was completed.

In total, the construction of 4 culverts built on the stream in Sekapark-Plajyolu Tram line where 2 station is located was completed. Within the scope of the first stage, the production of one thousand 600 meters of flooring was completed. Within the line, the installation of the poles that provide energy to tram cars was started. The side road was opened next to the line and the sidewalk continued to work on the sidewalk. The second stage of the line 600 meters will be started in a short time.

The new station will be built in the Sekapark-Plajyolu section of the Akçaray tram line, which is frequently preferred by the citizens in daily use. Even stations with a length of 4 km will be located at Seka State Hospital, Convention Center, Schools District and Beachway. . Seka State Hospital with a thousand 2,2 meters lar. In the continuation of the project, the second part of the 600 meter will be implemented.

On the other hand, the tram line is spreading throughout the city. According to the project, which was previously offered, there will be three new lines, including 8 kilometers, to be integrated into the Kuruçeşme, Şehir Hospital and Alikahya Stadium routes. Kurucesme line will be connected to the Tramway line by extending the 1 mileage. The Alikahya Stadium line will also reach 3,5 km and will be joined by Yahya Kaptan.

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