Light Rail System Three Crossings In Kayseri Will Pass From Below

kayseride light rail system uc intersection
kayseride light rail system uc intersection

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, as well as on the ground under the ground is also undergoing very large projects. Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, South-North Main Collector Line and KASKI by the Great Pass of Sivas Street introduced to the public. President Steel, the future 50 technology used in the year they talked about the technology and the floor of 14 meter 2 meter diameter of the giant pipes of traffic without spending, he said. Mayor Mustafa Çelik stated that they are not in the understanding of hazır flood after me ist and expressed that they want to be remembered with prayer and goodness and that they have prepared tens of projects for the future of Kayseri in this direction.

The second main collector line which will solve the future 50 annual problem of the Metropolitan Municipality and the program realized for the passage of Sivas Street by the Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Çelik, as well as the Governor Şehmus Günaydın, the AK Party Provincial Chairman Şaban Çopuroğlu, District Mayors, bureaucrats and citizens attended.

The city's first main collector line in the 2000'li years Melikgazi, Kocasinan and Talas districts of the total population of the 571 bin stated that the population doubled in 17 yearly voicing President Mustafa Steel, larda Today, the city center population of 1 million 100 reached a thousand. The previous main collector line was unable to draw the city's burden. In addition, occasional overflows occurred in the sewer. Real engineering needs to anticipate and plan to do, real administration is to implement these plans. In this direction, we started the projects of the new line in 2015. We made the tender for the 10 kilometer line, which includes Yıldırım Beyazıt Quarter, Argıncık and Yakut Quarter from Talas-Anayurt region, last year. The approximate cost of this line was 45 million TL; However, as a result of the rigorous work we have shown in each project, we reduced the project price to 24 million TL in the tender. With this project, we will have solved the city's sewerage needs until 2050. We started the project silently and without any ceremonies. Currently, the actual level of the project has passed 85 X.

The most difficult to pass the main collector line is Sivas Street, which expresses the Mayor of Mustafa Steel Steel, the floor passing through the 14 meter noted that the problem. President Steel, said: ay Normally we had to open the Sivas Caddesi in this area for the project, remove the rail system and work here for 2,5 months. If we did so, our rail system damage would be 3,5 million TL. We're looking for an alternative. First we thought of passing through the depth of the 6 meter; However, at this intersection of the rail system to be taken down in trouble, we went down to a depth of 14 meters. We dig 2 meters with micro-digging machines, then continue the excavation by driving the steel pipes. 35-40 will be in front of Sivas Street. Is

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, prayer and to be remembered with the new ones, continue to do good, he said. President Mustafa Çelik emphasized that the authorities were temporary and that they were never in the understanding of yönelik Deluge after me ece and stated that they were preparing a series of projects for the future of Kayseri. President Steel, among these projects, the Talas-Anayurt Rail System Line will be tender in the coming days, he added.

For the projects they prepared for Kayseri, the Mayor of Steel, who explained the public to the public, said the 18. The street, 30 said that after crossing the August and Danube Intersections, it would climb to the top. President Steel, Sivas Street traffic will bring a great convenience to prepare the project, he said. President Çelik, continued to say. Hazır In addition to the Furkan Doğan Dormitory, our intersection projects are ready for the DSİ Junction and Kadir Has Stadium Junction. Thus, we will make the traffic uninterrupted from Anbar to Argıncık Lights. Mustafa Şimşek Street to extend the project until Ahi Evran and TOKI ready. We have prepared our projects such as Talas 7 / 24 Library, İldem'e Library, Millet Kıraathanesi, Hospice, Ali Dağı Voyage Project, High Altitude Camp Center for Erciyes, Archery and Etnospor Facility, Mis Fragrant Garden, Air Supply Society Garden. We signed the protocol for Air Supply, hopefully we'll start soon. In addition, in the area where Talas Gendarmerie is located, we have prepared our project to carry the facilities of the Jandarma and make this place a National Garden. Sarımsaklı Outdoor Sports Center, Wedding Shopping Mall in Old Kayseri, opening of the mosque Kebir, urban transformation projects in Argıncık and Cırgalan are other projects we have prepared.

After the speech of Mayor Mustafa Çelik, Governor of the city and the participants entered the tunnel that will pass through Sivas Caddesi. The excavations were followed here and the steel pipes were placed in the tunnel. President Mustafa Celik, this method is used only in very few places in Turkey that not only seamlessly in Sivas crossed the street, while finishing the job that day was also noted that attracted 730 300 days ahead.

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