Travel with Akçaray is now safer

travel with akcaray is now more secure 1
travel with akcaray is now more secure 1

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, expropriation work on the Akçaray route, which creates negative conditions for traffic and pedestrians. In this context, Metropolitan is the last; Izmit District Eastern Winter Station, to eliminate the heavy traffic problem at the intersection of Bağdat Street and Köse Street expropriated the building where Ankara Market is located. Metropolitan demolition teams, which started to demolish the evacuated building, will start to expand the road when the works are completed.

Within the scope of the Izmit tram project, the decision to nationalize the building, which is located at the intersection of Akçaray route and East Kışla Station, Bağdat Caddesi and Köse Street, has been taken. According to the recent court decision, the Metropolitan Municipality, which pays for the building price, started the demolition work. The teams that started the demolition process by taking the environmental safety in a controlled manner, by wetting the building with the pressurized water also ensures that the citizens are not affected by the formation of dust and smoke.

When the demolition of the building, which will refresh the district of Izmit, Mehmet Ali Pasha, will be completed, the problem of the jamming of the traffic, the pedestrians who cannot realize that the tram is coming and the negativity caused by the vehicles will be eliminated. Akçaray, which will increase its efficiency by completing the demolition works of the building, which will take the necessary measures, will continue its high quality service in transportation.

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