Tramways in Kayseri are also on Watch

Trams in Kayseri Seizures: Trams in Turkey in July '15 Coup Attempts on guard around the seizures nor against democracy continues. On the trams that are offered to the service of citizens free of charge during the ongoing watch in Kayseri, the letter 'Continue Watch' drew attention. Citizens who flocked to the squares after the July 15 Coup Initiative continue their 'Democracy Watch to protect the national will.
During these seizures, interesting images are reflected on the lens. One of these images took place in the trams that provide public transportation service in Kayseri. The people in the squares were supported with the 'Continue Watch' writings on the trams. Democracy watches will be crowned on 7 August It is expected that the Democracy watches will end on 7 August. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, upon a question asked about the issue in a television program he attended, said, “Let's take this democracy watch on Sunday (7 August 2016) in a different way in Yenikapı. Let's crown it. Let's invite our armed forces, our command level, our artists, the leading cadres of political parties. So let's all together all our message to Turkey. Let's start the normalization process. " he used the expressions.

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