Otokar Signed a Principle in Food Transportation by Rail

Otokar Signed a Principle in Food Transportation by Rail: Otokar produced the first Code XL Load Safety Certified Refrigerated semi-trailer that can be loaded onto the train: Otokar, the leading and pioneering refrigerant semi-trailer in the market. with its new model suitable for shipments, it has been a first in railway food transportation. ICEL is, perishable foods produced in Turkey and certified in the field of transport was the first Huckepack refrigerated trailer.
Otokar, one of the Koç Group companies, became the first manufacturer to obtain the Code XL load safety and load-bearing compliance certificates for Iceliner, the newly developed refrigerated trailer. In Intermodal transportation, Huckepack Iceliner products of Otokar, which is the first domestic producer of Code XL and Huckepack certificate in refrigerated trailer, will be able to transport food safely with railways.
In the 90 transportation of food at the beginning of the first companies introduced Turkey with European norms which Otokar produces ATP refrigerated vehicles according to the standards and certifies in accordance with customer demand. As a result of Otokar's R & D studies, the new Iceliner was one of the products with the lowest heat transmission coefficient in the sector. In addition to providing international standards of IR, FNA, FRB and FRC certificates according to the condition of refrigerant unit and heat recorder, the cooler operating times have been reduced by keeping the heat loss in the vehicle to a minimum. Thus, fuel and transportation costs were significantly advantageous.
Huckepack Iceliner also has hygiene certificate
In addition to the ATP certification, Otokar Huckepack Iceliner semi-trailers have HACCP hygiene certificate. HACCP, which is a food-oriented quality assurance system, involves taking necessary measures to eliminate the elements that may adversely affect human health in food. In order to eliminate the risks of exposure to micro-biological, chemical or physical interaction with consumers, compliance with hygiene conditions is also taken into consideration in the shipment.
Thanks to Huckepack feature, Otokar-Fruehauf Iceliner trailer with special design axle and suspension system is equipped with 2 UIC595-6 and EN 130044 standards on both sides. special trains can be easily and safely loaded with special cranes.
For the perishable food transport Turkey in the international ATP certified first refrigerated trailer producing Otokar, a mission to lead the industry, railways (Huckepack) Otokar Internal Market Commercial Vehicles Sales Manager Murat Tokat said the developed appropriate refrigerated trailer to transport, the following information relating to the subject he gave:
Şirket Otokar is a company that has achieved many firsts in the sector. In particular, we continue to claim the best since the first semi-trailer we produce in the field of perishable food transport. In the trailer sector, we continue to make a difference with our outstanding R & D power, expertise, know-how, extensive after-sales network and sustainable customer satisfaction and service policy that does not compromise on quality. Our existing refrigerated trailer family already has HACCP and ATP certificates at international standards in hygienic and reliable food transportation. As we continue to provide these certifications in our new huckepack iceliner vehicle, we have met the needs of the sector in the intermodal transportation segment with the high volume we provide according to their counterparts in the market. We are happy to have realized another first. Better for our industry. Sektör
Otokar-Fruehauf Huckepack Iceliner Semi-Trailer
With the semi-trailer transportation model preferred in international transportation and intermodal transportation, road, rail and seaway are used in a mixed way. The load in the towed semi-trailer can be easily transported from one point to another in the transport corridors without being unloaded. Intermodal transport, speed to transport kazanIt also creates an advantage in environmental protection. By integrating the combination of railway and seaway into road transport, a significant reduction in the emission of exhaust emissions can be achieved. For this reason, there are important supports and guidance for the adoption of this transportation, especially in the European Union.
Otokar-Fruehauf Huckepack Iceliner Semi-Trailer has HACCP certification in accordance with international ATP regulations and has been certified with IR, FNA, FRB and FRC certificates according to refrigerant unit and heat recorder condition. The vehicle also provides the EN 12642 CODE XL Load Safety Certificate as standard. This feature means that the transported load is transported more safely; It allows the load to be distributed at the moments of accident and minimum damage to the environment and load. Thanks to the Huckepack feature, the trailer with a special design axle and suspension system can be loaded with special cranes for P 400 CODE e / f / g / i codes. The loading and unloading of the 2 UIC595-6 and EN 130044 standards on both sides of the vehicle can be carried out safely. Thus, Otokar-Fruehauf Huckepack Iceliner Semi-Trailer offers safer transportation thanks to its certified superstructure, which can resist the high speeds reached on trains.

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