Metro strikes postponed 24 scheduled flights in London

Metro strikes delayed scheduled 24 hours in London: In the UK's capital London, the most popular means of transportation was scheduled to postpone scheduled flights to 24 hours starting from September.

12 in London, the 5 large train line in the city, 24 hourly shuttle service scheduled for the week, the new application of the subway staff in the new application, due to an increase in salaries and an agreement that could not be provided in additional overtime pay. It was postponed.

First in July, and secondly last week, there were two major strikes in the city, as the unions representing the metro staff and the City of London could not reach an agreement on the amount and working conditions, and transportation turned into chaos. Finally, as a result of the decision taken again by the Railway, Sea and Transport Union (RMT), the Salaried Transport Workers Union (TSSA) and the Train Engineers Union (ASLEF), the announcement of two more 25-hour strikes on August 27 and 24, caused the start date of the voyages to be delayed.

Every day in London, about 4 million people are traveling by metro. For the time being, it was planned to convert the 5 12 24 into 24 at the XNUMX large train line. As for the planned start of the scheduled XNUMX hourly train service from the City of London, no official announcement was made yet.

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