Dutch-Chinese competition for electric buses in Izmir

Dutch-Chinese competition for İzmirin electric buses: The first electric bus fleet to press the button to switch to the life in Izmir in Turkey General Directorate of ESHOT, took another step towards this goal. Two companies from the Netherlands and Poland and two from the People's Republic of China participated in the tender for ESHOT's purchase of 20 i full electric buses ES.

ESHOT General Directorate, which took electric buses to the agenda in line with the strategy of. Environmental transportation adet technologies of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, made a tender for the purchase of 20 “full electric bus İzmir.

8 company received a file '4 company which currently produces electric buses and operating electric buses' joined the tender. Three of the companies were bidding, while Solaris Bus & Coach Sa from Poland presented a letter of thanks.

20 pcs Ebusco BV from the Netherlands for electric bus (8 million 195 bin 800 Euro), CSR Zhuzhou Electronic Lokomotive Co., Ltd from China. (10 million 28 thousand dollars) and again the People's Republic of China BYD Europe BV (10 million 580 thousand euros) bids submitted to the tender commission. Tender figures are reportedly including charging equipment.

The offers submitted to the tender will be evaluated by the expert commission of 7, who is conducting research on the purchase of electric buses. İzmir people will meet electric buses within 6 months following the contract.

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