Marmaray will stop without earthquake

Marmaray will stop without earthquakes: The Kandilli Observatory has announced that they can predict the earthquake with the developing technology.

Istanbul, 7-7.5 earthquake, indicating that they expect the Bosphorus University (BU) Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute Director Prof. Dr. Dr. Haluk Özener emphasized that they can predict their location and size without any earthquake thanks to new technologies. Professor Dr. Haluk Özener stated that the Istanbul earthquake will be monitored by satellite through the latest technologies and said “We will estimate the magnitude and location of the earthquake before the earthquake,.
7 will affect the impact of an earthquake with the size of the 7.5 9 recording and recording the first time for the first time, the Institute Director Prof.. Dr. Haluk Özener, olac Scientific research shows that the next earthquake will be in the west of Marmara Sea. There is an earthquake expectation that will affect Istanbul much more. Starting from the coast with 6 you will be able to feel northward towards XNUMX. When we look at the loss of life and property of the earthquake, we speak for Marmara, it will be much bigger than the tsunami will create. For now, it is not possible to say anything like an increase in earthquake activity. We are not in a special situation, Özel he said.


Özener also stated that they have installed the strainmeters in a few countries around the world and that they have set up a crypto meter to the east of the Marmara region in cooperation with the University of Colorado. Ne We will be able to determine the energy accumulation on the faults with high-precision and the right way to predict where and how big an earthquake can be. In the coming period, we will be a Kandilli where different methods of earth science can be included in the system. Using our geodetic accumulation, we will estimate the magnitude and location of the earthquake before the earthquake. In addition to seismology, we will follow the mechanisms forming the earthquake with the help of the science of geodesy. S


Professor Dr. Ali Pınar stressed that they aimed to strengthen the earthquake network and to work in the field of real-time seismology. M We want to determine and announce the location and magnitude of the earthquake in a very short time. We operate an 70 seismic station in the Marmara Region. Data from the stations are constantly transferred to our center. For example, an earthquake of magnitude 6,9 occurred in the Aegean Sea last year. The location and magnitude of the earthquake were determined and all the parameters were determined about 50 seconds before the earthquake waves reaching Istanbul. Similar practices will continue in the coming period. Benzer


Sistem Early warning system is a trial system. Thanks to the stations located very close to the fault line and placed under the sea, it is possible to get a warning before the 5-6 seconds before the earthquake waves reach the Istanbul center. Dr. Erdal Şafak said that this warning could stop Marmaray, the bridges could be closed and gas lines could be cut.

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