Workers on the agenda of the parliament who lost their lives in the construction of Kecioren subway

On the agenda of the workers who lost their lives in the construction of Keçiören metro: Murat Emir of CHP brought Mehmet Kalaycı, the worker who died in the construction of Keçiören metro, to the agenda of the assembly.

CHP Ankara Deputy Dr. who made an investigation about Mehmet Kalaycı, a welding worker who died in the construction of Keçiören metro. Murat Emir, upon the response of the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Faruk Çelik, gave the parliament a question.


17 / 08 2015: 18 00 45 10 metro station during the construction worker who works as a welding worker Mehmet Kalaycı XNUMX, died from the ventilation grid. It was determined that Mehmet Kalycı fell from the height of the XNUMX meter to the concrete floor due to the rupture of the plastic clamps which provide the connection of the grids in the ventilation hole of the station. The fact that iron grids, which are weighted by weight in the event of a chain of negligence, were fixed with plastic clamps, invitations to this murder. The fact that there were no job security company officials at the workplace during the incident and that no rope or helmet was given to the worker was prepared.

In this context;

- Has the risk analysis been carried out at the site and necessary occupational safety measures have been taken?

- Has the employee been given basic occupational health and safety training and special job security training?

- Does the employee have a working height study and working at height?
Why are the equipment such as helmets and ropes that are required to be used by the high-level workers not used during this accident?

- Has any investigation been initiated on the personnel responsible for the use of these equipment during work?

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  1. This and similar events that took place intensively, especially in our country, for some reason "this is Turkey ...", "would such cases ..." "There is the disposition of this business ..." The parried by vbg crap, citizens audience of the kind that he now regards the kind that would freaked sensitive people "accident" is not, It is at the level of MASSACRE. Human; "Why not in many countries, but always in us and in backward countries?" Can not get rid of constantly asking the question. If the job has reached the level of questions and issues in the assembly - rightly - woe to us… Isn't there a standard, design and implementation auditor, controller, security system of this work? Let's give up our conscientious responsibilities, but at least the technical side of it? Where is the chain redundancy safety of the grids? From design to implementation, is there no "reviuew" done? Is everyone blind? Or are “the blind deaf, hosting each other” What kind of construction and control mechanism is this? Or is this also in the nature of this and the like? What if a number of people collapsed while the child was walking over him later… An unacceptable situation that requires us to be damned with shame! There will definitely be a few scapegoats that are irrelevant, supposedly punished, and we will wait for the next case, hush, haze. Typical behavior, backwardness indicator… What will happen if we send a spacecraft under these conditions… Anyway, there is a xx% probability of sending it intact… For us, in this country every day, every moment, human beings feel ashamed, nervous breakdown is in the nature of this country. (I think)… Foreigners call it "backwardness"!