The bomb explodes on the railway 1 martyr

Bomb explodes on railroad 1 martyr: Handmade explosives placed in the railway of Genç district of Bingöl by terrorist organization PKK members were detonated remotely during the destruction of the gendarmerie teams. In the explosion, a gendarme expert sergeant was martyred at the scene.

A gendarme expert sergeant Veli Ates was martyred as a result of the remote explosion of the hand-made explosives placed by the PKK members of the terrorist organization on the railway in the district of Genç in Bingöl.

According to information received, the railway between Bingöl-Elazığ, Suveren village on the hands of the explosion of hand-made explosives on location, the Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams under armored train went to the scene under extensive security measures.

The bomb was detonated by the gendarmerie by the explosives expert gendarmerie. Funeral of martyrs Bingöl Women's and Pediatrics Hospital morgue was removed. Security forces launched large-scale operation.

Governor's office made a statement

According to the statement made by the Bingöl Governorate, the district of Su district Suveren village on the rail handmade explosive substance on the region was reported to have been sent to the explosive substance disposal team said.

The team said in the statement that the team was conducting the search for the explosive, the following were recorded:

“During the search, the gendarmerie 4 th Specialist Sergeant Veli Ates was martyred as a result of the explosion of a remote control hand-made explosive device laid by members of the separatist terrorist organization. A large-scale operation was launched by the security forces to arrest members of the separatist terrorist organization. ”

Baba Abdurrahman Ateş: I saw it in my dream, I felt that I would be a martyr

The fire fell into the father's house of Martyr Specialist Sergeant Veli Ates in the district of Kadinhan of Konya. The sad news was given to the paternal house in the İstiklal neighborhood of Şehidin, accompanied by 112 Emergency Teams, by the District Governor Ercan Çiçek and military officials.

Father Abdurrahman and mother Sinem Ates, who heard their son martyred, suffered greatly. Kadınhanı District Mufti Osman Aslan, the relatives of the martyrs, the residents of the neighborhood and many citizens also conveyed their condolences to the father Abdurrahman Ates. Father Ateş, who had recently undergone a heart surgery, was found to be quite enduring.

It was learned that the martyr's father told his relatives that he had seen his son in his dream 2 days before the morning prayer and felt he would be a martyr. It was stated that Martyr Veli Ates was married and had one son.

Condolence message from the General Staff

Chief of General Staff, General Necdet Özel, issued a condolence message to the Expert Gendarmerie Sergeant Veli Ates, who was martyred by a remote control explosive furnished by members of the separatist terrorist organization in the Young district of Bingöl. The message of Ozel was posted on the website of the General Staff, under the heading “Our Martyr”.

The message of the General Specialist, who used the words “Thank you, God bless you, rest in the light” and the photograph of the martyr is as follows:

“Our fellow soldier was martyred on 13 August 2015. I wish mercy from Allah on behalf of our hero staff, on behalf of myself and Turkish Armed Forces, patience and condolences to his grieving family and relatives. ”



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