MHP Samsun Deputy Hüseyin Edis's Express Train Description

MHP Samsun deputy Hüseyin Edis'den Express Train Description: Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Samsun deputy Hussein Edis said in the speed train, "There must be a high-speed train. However, the high speed train is not enough alone, it does not make sense. Ancak

Edis, Samsun, the trains of the train given in the expressions about the subject, he said.

Eni Who does not want the fast train. Insanlar Samsun is a modern, modern city. Den insanlar But it is logical to move people from a place without purpose. First of all, it is necessary to create an economic power that all citizens can benefit from. . In addition to this, we should add some more budget to the high speed train project which will be cost 6.5 billion liras. Esine

Edis noted that the money can already be reached by 1 hours in the shortest possible time by using the aircraft and continued as follows:

Tarım Products such as Bafra-Çarşamba Plain, which are produced in two fields with high productivity in agriculture, remain in the hands of the producer. Due to freight costs, the manufacturer cannot sell the product and cannot create a wide market network. In other words, the citizen produces, but finds the market place where he can sell his product, and he finds it difficult to carry his product there when he finds a market place.

Since we want to train fast, our aim here is to support economic development. Look at the world. In most countries, you cannot carry over a certain amount of cargo with cargo. There must be a purpose when moving someone. If we're doing this to six billion of this, we can put two billion more, and we can do fast freight transport by making a couple of directions beyond the 5-10 meter. I think this project should be considered. Then the watermelon in Bafra does not stay in peach field on Wednesday. We also eat 3 pound in Ankara instead of 1 pounds. The villager sold his product to the 10 penny, not to the 50 penny. Therefore, the producer will win and the consumer will win. This should also be considered when high-speed train.

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