Iraq: Connected with Van-Tatvan Land Railway

Kapikoy is ending this year. Van is preparing to become one of the important cities of import-export. Logistics Center is established. In the transportation between the two countries, Van is now at a critical point Tat There is a problem when considering the trade with railway transportation: 5 watches between Kars-Ankara and 5 hours between Van-Tatvan and 2 hours. Although large investments have been made on the new XNUMX ferry, Van's North Vangölü Railway is the best choice in the long run.

New Kapıköy the countdown is done, it tabled the Turkey-Iran relations, the issues debated for years in the following days to discuss the establishment of the Logistics Centers someone on the agenda again. Van, which is a full import and export city, has another step for transportation: The train wagons transported by ferry between Van and Tatvan are transported around the lake with the Northern Vangölü Railway Line. Considering that Van's commercial future will be shaped by import-export, Van-Tatvan offers the ferry to its goods at 5 hours. Van Commercial and Industry Chamber and Van Commodity Exchange President Feridun Iraq are among the most prominent names. Iraq underlines the need to return the wrong issue on this issue, which has been voiced for years; Gibi Taking into account the disadvantages such as excessive fuel consumption, maintenance and repair costs and time loss, the project must be started by linking the railway from the ferry and land from the land. “

In recent years, Van, which has an important business cooperation with Iran in terms of tourism, has important issues such as Kapıköy, Lojiktik Center and railway transportation. A new process is expected to start with the completion of Kapikoy in Van, where the cooperation and investments of the two countries are frequently discussed. The merchant who does not say much at this point but who trades between the two countries has an expectation from Van to the west: Railway. In terms of the freight wagons, which have made significant investments in recent years, the expectation of a Northern Van Lake Railway line is frequently mentioned. Under the name of this speech is a tragicomic situation with the interpretation of Feridun Iraq, who knows well the economy of Van.


Despite the fact that two new ferries can be transported in Van Lake, there is a loss of both material and time due to the demand of the railway. The event is exactly as follows; A merchant who wants to bring goods from Ankara to Van is putting his goods in train cars in Ankara. From Ankara to Tatvan, the trader gives 107 liras to the wagon per tonne. Either he'il take the wagons onto the ferry and cross it, or he will cross the road from the wagons. The ferry passes the ferry with the 2 pounds per tonne, while the load in the truck load up to Van 31-18 pounds per ton up to pay. Shipment here by sea is more expensive. Normally, the highway is expensive, and the sea route needs to be cheap. However, it is both a waste of time and a loss of money if it does not take place by ferry.


Another option is to transport the cargo by truck, which is also costly. The process related to this also works as follows: The trader loads the car from the wagon and loads it into the truck. As the wagons go by ferry, they can go by ferry in the truck. However, this time something happens. The ferry takes 100 lira for the truck only, and 10 lira per ton. In other words, for a wagon loaded with 25 tons, the ferry takes 31.50 lira from 787 lira per ton, while the same amount of cargo is transported from Tatvan to Van by truck between 450-500 lira. If the driver of this truck wants to go to Van by ferry after taking the load, he is getting 350 liras. While the ferry customer receives 787 lira from the railway, that is, it gets 350 lira from the truck.


Speaking about the tragicomic event, the businessman and Van TSO and Van TB minus chairman Feridun Irak said: jik Is there a route where railway transportation is more expensive than road transport? Yes, it would. That route is between Tatvan and Van. The purpose of the installation is to provide the railway connection between Tatvan and Van, the wages of the ferries that carry the wagons, the amount of the same amount of freight is almost doubled.


Iraq, which gives transportation charges in numbers, said, “If a merchant wants to move his goods from Ankara to Van by rail, a separate fee is charged for the ferry that will carry the wagon from Tatvan to Van after the transportation fee between Ankara and Tatvan is collected. This fee is very high. The ferry takes 31.50 lira per ton for this transport. For the same route, road transportation can be made between 18-20 lira per ton. The more strange thing is that if an empty truck wants to arrive from Van to Van by ferry, 100 lira is taken. If the truck is loaded, 10 lira is paid per ton. ” Said.


Explaining the situation as an example, Iraq said: “If a merchant wants to transport 25 tons of goods by rail from Ankara to Van for low cost, two tariffs are applied to him. The first is the fare between Ankara and Tatvan and the second is the charge for the ferry between Tatvan and Van. Oddities begin here. For a wagon loaded with 25 tons, the ferry takes 31.50 lira from 787 lira per ton, while the same amount of cargo is transported from Tatvan to Van between 450-500 lira by truck. If the driver of this truck wants to go to Van by ferry after taking the load, he is charged 350 liras. While the ferry company carries the wagon, which is its main duty, it gets 787 lira and it gets 350 lira from the truck. ”


Tir Due to this situation, the railway connection should be connected from the land, Iraq said, kar The high fuel consumption and the high-cost ferries are very expensive. Therefore, it is not preferred unless it is compulsory. We have expressed the railway connection for years. As such, it also has no use in the country itself. As long as the railway connection is not made by land, the province will have no benefit to its economy. It should have been done by now. If it had been done so far he would have paid himself many times and would have made a significant contribution to the economy as well. Wherever the damage is. Taking into account the disadvantages such as excessive fuel consumption, maintenance and repair costs, loss of time, the project must be started by connecting the railway from the ferry and leaving the land. Ları

”We go from VAN to TATVAN at 5 HOURS“

Referring to the 2023 railway targets, Iraq finally said: “The high-speed train will be put into service next year in Sivas and after 7 years in Kars. Sivas will be going to Ankara in 2 hours and Kars in 5 hours. We go from Van to Tatvan in 5 hours. That is why the rail must be connected by land. Buda reveals the importance of the North Vangolu Railway. If this is done, the connection with Iran will be achieved more quickly. There are serious railway related studies in Iran. This study should be done as soon as we are the closest city to Iran. ”


These tariffs in land transportation affect the most exporters. Businessmen who export from Ankara to Iran have the biggest problem in this regard. Businessmen who load the material from Ankara into the car, load the material from Tatvan to the truck due to the high cost of the ferry in Tatvan. After the highway or the truck crosses the ferry, the owner of the material sends the goods back to Iran after putting them in Van2. This causes both the loss of time and the exporter's choice of this way too much. That's why the North Vangölü railway line is a must.


Late in the day in Van xnumx'üncü made the Turkey-Transport Speaking on the Vangölü transport and freight transport in Iran's forum, he said Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry Deputy Orhan Birdal Lake Van utmost importance for 3 countries. Birdal, önem Van Lake crossing is important for the trade between the two countries. Due to the problems in the Van Lake ferries, high ferry operating costs, the geographical and physical condition of the Elazığ-Tatvan line and problems related to the operation on this line, the transportation to Iran and further to the countries cannot be carried out at the desired level and quality. This situation has a negative effect on our train operations due to the increase in the waiting loads and this results in not meeting the demands of the customers sufficiently. Bu

Source: ÖNDER ALTINAL - Şehrivan Newspaper

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  1. What you said is true. There is already an intersection built in Erçek according to the 2013 earth google images. If you divide this junction first to Erciş and then connect it to Muş and Ağrı Khorasan, you can connect to both the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea from Van and Iran. By the way, no matter how much they oppose, the connection to the Black Sea will definitely be via Erzurum-Bayburt Gümüşhane-of and Torul-Tirebolu. because the way of mind is one.