The gospel of metrobus in Istanbul

The gospel of metrobus to Istanbul ends Çile ends: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to carry the charging service in metrobuses that has been placed in smart buses in recent years. IMM reported that in a short time the charging service would be spread to the entire fleet.

IMM will also implement the phone charging system on buses in metrobuses. Authorities, 34, 34C, 34BZ number of BRT service will be provided, he said.

In recent years, IETT, which has started to provide charging services with new wireless and modern buses, will now include chargers in metrobuses. Charging boxes with USB outlets mounted on metrobuses will allow citizens to charge their devices.

Fortune said in a statement on the subject from İETT to Turkey, Metrobus 250, 850 bus in which a total of 1100 vehicles, including the service charge provided and reportedly will soon spread to the entire fleet in service. Authorities shared that the total cost of the charging service provided to 1100 vehicles to IETT is 280.000 TL excluding VAT.

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