Israel Receives New Locomotives from Bombardier

Israel Buys New Locomotives from Bombardier Company: Israel Railways announced on August 5th that it will buy 62 Traxx AC electric locomotives from Bombardier. The agreement worth 1 billion Israeli Shekels (241,58 million Euros) was mutually signed between the parties. In addition, the scope of the agreement includes Israel's option to order 32 more locomotives.

Israel launched a new tender for locomotives to be purchased in July 2014. Companies such as Siemens, Alstom, CNR, CSR, Hyundai Rotem, Skoda and CAF also participated in the tender. After the qualifying stages, Bombardier and Alstom were left to the finals. After the financial offers of the two companies were received, Bombardier firm awarded the tender. kazanwas.

The new locomotives will be able to tow 1400 passenger trains and they are designed to reach 160 km / h. The head of Israeli Railways, Boaz Zafrir, said in a statement that the new locomotives could be transported faster and with higher capacity in domestic railways.


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