Moscow Talinn restarts train services

Estonian Railway Company Eesti Raudtee Press Service reported that train services from Moscow to Talinn started after a 2-month break. "The Moscow-Talinn train departed from the capital of Russia on July 10 and reached Talinn on July 11," the railway company press service said in a statement.

Raio Vare, Chairman of the Estonian Railway Company, said that the company is doing its best to maintain the connection with the neighboring country's major cities and improving the quality of service for passengers. Vare said, “At the same time, our partners in the Russian Railway company Talinn, Moscow and St. Petersburg in these difficult conditions. They produced solutions to protect the direct link between St. Petersburg, we are grateful for this. ”

The Estonian GoRail company, which organized the Tallinn-Moscow, Tallinn-Petersburg flights in May, announced that it has stopped the railroad trips, reminding that there is a decrease in the number of Russian tourists. Later, Estonian Railways started negotiations with the Russian Railways to restart flights. Ticket sales are made by GoRail in Estonia, and the Federal Passenger Company of Russian Railways subsidiary in Russia.

📩 13/07/2015 13:53

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