Incorrect timing in the Kocaeli Tram Purchase Auction!

There are some question marks about the Kocaeli Tram Procurement Tender. The Metropolitan Municipality is going to tender on 12 July 21 for 2015 tram cabins to be purchased to be used in the Tramway Project, which has not yet started construction. Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Rail Services Branch Directorate will make the tender for the purchase of the tram cabin at Seka administrative building on Tuesday, July 21. The winning company will be asked to deliver 12 tram booths within 1.5 years at the latest.

Each of the 12 tram cabins to be ordered by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality must have an annual average of 100 thousand kilometers and 28-33 meters. Each of the tram cabins will have 4 security cameras. Spare parts needs of tram cabins will be covered by the producer company. Metropolitan Municipality, Sekapark-Bus Station to work between the construction of the tram system has opened and concluded. However, the demolition of the expropriated buildings for this project, the construction of the tram line flooring has not started yet. Moreover, no official announcement is made about when these works will begin.

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