High Speed ​​Train Blows Real Estate Prices in Ankara

Eskidji Real Estate Ankara Central Region Partner Köksal Ünal, pointing out that Ankara is the head of the cities that will be directed by foreign investors due to the volume of housing investment and the saturation of the unit prices in Istanbul, said that foreign interest in the capital will continue to increase.

Köksal Ünal evaluated the developments in the housing market and pointed out that Ankara is one of the provinces where the highest increase in home sales to foreigners in the first five months. 133 units sold to foreigners in the January-May period of last year, while the number of 52 increase in the same period this year, indicating that the number of 202 units reached Unal, the increase in the share of foreign investors in Istanbul 2,9, 19 increase in the country said that the increase. Unal, by far the biggest buyer of foreigners in Istanbul and Antalya, which is still widely recognized, the number of sales in Ankara, the modest remains, but the saturation in these provinces, as well as the increase in sales in the capital and the acceleration of the increase in the interest of foreigners for the future important signs told. Ankara's foreign sales of the first 10 in the housing unit between the Unal stating that the capital of the capital in the following period with the acceleration of socio-economic development and profitability of the foreign interest will continue to attract said.

Unal pointed out that Ankara is a profitable and untouched area for foreign real estate investors and emphasized that the disadvantages such as high earthquake risk in Istanbul, inconvenience in urban transportation and traffic problems are not valid for Ankara. Investors from neighboring countries and neighboring countries have recently increased their feasibility studies in Ankara and noted that the real estate sector in Ankara has a rapid growth potential in the coming 10 year in parallel with its increasing foreign interest.
Among the provinces to be considered within the scope of the investment plans of foreign real estate funds, especially the Gulf countries, Ankara will increasingly stand out, said Unal.

Ları Istanbul is a favorite of foreign real estate investors. However, the areas suitable for investment in Istanbul have approached the point of exhaustion and the square meter prices have reached saturation. Now the foreign investor will turn the route into Anatolian cities. Ankara economy; With a broad portfolio of investments in industry, education, new health investments, health tourism and construction investments in A + construction quality, it is in a serious development and development. Air transport with direct flights from Ankara to major external centers will increase rapidly in the coming period. Ankara will be the main intersection in the new transportation network that will be constructed with high speed train (YHT) and highway networks. Ankara is a city with a population of millions of people. it is becoming an important center of commerce and economy that can reach a market of 5.2 billion in flight. All these developments will make Ankara very attractive to foreign investors. Bütün

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