Outline of Istanbul Three-Storey Tube Passage Project Announced

Three Storey Tube Crossing Project
Three Storey Tube Crossing Project

Istanbul's 3rd tube crossing project has been announced. A 5-storey transit tunnel will be built in the Bosphorus within 3 years. Regarding the issue, Minister of Transport Lütfi Elvan made a statement. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu also announced the main lines of the project.

Peace be upon the saint Istanbul, which is the greatest grace of my Lord to mankind and our nation. Greetings to our saint Istanbul, which is the greatest legacy of our ancestors. Today we are in Istanbul for an historic project. This saint wants to love the city or love. He knows the secret of existence which penetrates Istanbul. Understands the common consciousness of humankind in the presence of Istanbul. We live in such a city. The second tunnel in 1875, the second tunnel in the world at 1863, was opened in 573 meters in Istanbul, even as an empire collapsed. Istanbul raises ambitious nations. The states that claim to be global power with states having Istanbul. Istanbul gives the right to the history that gives it its right.

Since 1994 became the mayor of Istanbul, the fate of Istanbul changed and became the subject city of history. Besides the services offered by our president Mr. Turkey once again I want to thank so in love with Istanbul as the services it provides. How Istanbul does not forget those who serve him, history does not forget those who serve Istanbul.
Marmaray 29 opened in October 2014 and met for the first time in Asia and Europe. Again with YHT, 25 became integrated with Istanbul Ankara in July 2014. Now the third bridge and the world's largest airport is under construction. I visited the site two weeks ago. When we go everywhere in the world they are now asking for the third airport. Every bird flying to Istanbul will benefit from the abundance of every person who is in the plane.

The three-story Istanbul tunnel project, which we're glad to announce today, carries a symbolic sense. Three floors means three empires. A three-story two-way tunnel through the 6,5 kilometer. Now watch the video of this project.

This project is an integrated and holistic project. We see Turkey as a whole while viewing. And we always look at our environment with a holistic perspective. For this reason, we are determined to increase the public transport from 18 to 35 million after coming to 11 million in the future vision. All-in-one projects. Marmaray, Eurasia tunnel, subway construction, canalistanbul and northern Marmara, the third airport, the third bridge, until the köprü Istanbul Marmara Istanbul high-speed train all this reinforces the central position of Istanbul. All main axles in Istanbul are connected and rail systems are connected.

Again, the second important feature of the project, saving time. Istanbulites suffered a lot of traffic. Now, with this project, time savings will be best evaluated. Hasdal Ümraniye Çamlık will be crossed in 14 minutes. İncirli'den Söğütlüçeşme'dan 40 minutes will be passed. Three airports, bridges and axles linking them together will reveal time savings in a fully integrated project. It is a project that will not harm Istanbul's silhouette.

Saving time

Again with this project, annual greenhouse gases will be reduced by 115 thousand tons per year, Istanbul traffic will be relieved without the need for a new land to be used. The annual collar crossings will reach 4 million, and 6,5 will set the stage for human movements in millions. We're talking about an integrated project. We are talking about a project that respects Istanbul.

And as a fourth feature, we are talking about a project whose safety is thought to the finest detail. Fire detection systems will be monitored, each point will be monitored by cameras. A pause waiting area will be generated at each 500 meter. There will be interim systems between floors in three levels. In the Metro system, there will be automatic deceleration system. We are walking together to a brand new Istanbul with a mega project. Most importantly, there is a new flare over Turkey's Istanbul, get better.

Ready before coming to 2020

Arriving at Istanbul big three-storey tunnel xnumx'y within five years to istanbul turkey will be ready to serve the world. Three empires have made this city the largest havalimanıyla with this önclüg Marmaray with and now three-storey project, this will be the largest mega-project, the first in the world, will be the fourth power of the Republic of precursors to Turkey after three empires.

Here are Elvan's descriptions:

Today we have come together to promote our mega project, which will be the first in the world. How happy we are building a strong foundation for solid future on us that the new Turkey. In the past 12 years, we have made significant progress in infrastructure investments. We put the railroad crossing under the Bosphorus with Marmaray project. Ankara, Istanbul, Ankara, Eskişehir, Konya and Istanbul, Ankara, Konya YHT line we pay tribute to Turkey. We made a big breakthrough with build-operate-transfer models. Marmaray's twin Eurasia Tunnel, Izmit Gulf Bridge and third airport projects are under construction. Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge and connection roads will eliminate an important problem in terms of Istanbul collar passes.

Great Istanbul Tunnel

Now we are starting to add a new series to these mega projects. We are the first in the world. This project is the project of our nation to fall in love with Istanbul in love with Turkey. It is a project that brings cultures together and touches not only the continents but also the physics of Istanbul which unites the world. We offer you a three-story Istanbul Tunnel that combines the metro lines and road axles that relieve the traffic of Istanbul and hit the public transportation and catch the lancets.

We have been working extensively on our mega project since the 10 month. I would like to thank the staff of the Ministry and the staff of IMM who have been working intensively in this project which will be discussed in 100 year. We carried out Istanbul's route and passenger panel analysis.
The need to build two new tunnels under the Bosphorus emerged. These are a subway tunnel passage under the Bosphorus bridge and the other is a highway crossing tunnel under the FSM. Instead of two tunnels, we designed a three-storey tunnel for the first time in the world for both subway and highway crossing by making the wheel crossings and railway crossings separately.

Life will change

With this mega project, life will change in Istanbul. The place of the rail system in public transportation will increase significantly. The backbone of transportation will be established in Istanbul. After 100 years, public transportation will be shaped around this backbone. The rail system, which can be used by 6,5 million people a day, will be connected to each other by the metro that we will build as part of our mega project. Millions on both sides of the strait will easily pass to the other side. Gayrettepe, with the third airport line, will be connected to the three airports of Istanbul by the rail system. There will be a line extending from Başakşehir to Sabiha Gökçen.
It will take 40 minutes to get to Söğütlüçeşme from İncirli by the new metro. Considering Marmaray, a ring will form between both sides. With the highway passage tunnels we will build, the Bosphorus will have a new highway passage tunnel after the Eurasia tunnel. It will be possible to pass from Hasdal junction to Ümraniye junction in 9 minutes.

The project will not create image pollution and will not distort the silhouette. The build will be carried out by the transfer model and there will not be a dime of the state. In Istanbul, it will be possible to make an appointment, not approx. 2023 2071 our goals step by step and we are excited to be thrilled with the new Turkey's walk. I would like to thank you, our esteemed president, our Prime Minister, who has never supported his support and incentives for these and similar projects. I would like to thank all my team members who contributed to the project from the emergence of the project to the stage of maturation and project. we have put this path. No way to get tired on this road. It's the determination to have perseverance on the road, have good intentions, have love. I wish the three-storey big Istanbul tunnel to be good for Istanbul, the capital of our country, and present my greetings and greetings with the wish of meeting in many mega projects.

Three-story giant

According to the project called ecek three-storey large Istanbul tunnel Gay, a three-storey giant tunnel from Küçüksu to Gayrettepe will be crossed.

The tunnel where highway and metro systems will be located will be integrated with existing metro lines and highways. The fast metro line from İncirli to Sölenençeşme will pass through this huge tunnel. Of the new metro line Kadıköy - It will be connected to Kartal- Yenikapı- Sarıyer subways. Mega tunnel will also have highway connections with TEM, E5 and 3 bridges. The depth of the tunnel, which will be 18.80 meters in diameter, will reach 110 meters on the sea surface. The length of the 3-storey section of the tunnel will be 6.5 km.

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