İzmir Metro Swallows 400 Million TL of Konak and Sabuncubeli Tunnels

Izmir Metro Saatleri Ticket Prices Stations and Map
Izmir Metro Saatleri Ticket Prices Stations and Map

Izmir metro Konak and Sabuncubeli tunnels have swallowed 400 million TL: Alim Murathan, President of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Geology Engineers, Alim Murathan, who has three important underground projects in İzmir, due to the increase in exploration and lack of geological surveys due to underground uncertainties and geological surveys. He said he faced high cost increases. Murathan announced that the three project costs increased 400 million TL.

“Izmir's Great Engineering Structures Geotechnical Symposium” took place in Izmir Architecture Center. In the opening speech of the TMMOB Chamber of Geological Engineers İzmir Branch Alim Murathan symposium, he made explanations about the problems experienced in the Izmir Metro, Konak and Sabuncubeli Tunnels and the serious increase in discovery. Murathan said, “There are problems arising from the ground in this city. They are making efforts to solve them. ”

Stating that Konak Tunnel started in 2011, Murathan said, “The end date of this project was 2013. It has not been completed yet. It has 150 million reconnaissance costs. Spending 250 million. Although it is not certain, it will cost a total of 300 million TL. There was an increase of about 150 million discoveries. It started without a finalized route. Extremely inadequate geological surveys have been initiated in two lanes of 1645 meters in length, without the approval of the ministry and its relevant directorates, with the instruction of the Minister 'let's start with a logic'. Additional costs have occurred because the geological features are much different from those revealed by inadequate preliminary studies. Serious damage occurred during construction. Construction continues with a two-year loss of time and an additional discovery of 150 million TL. ”

Stating that the planned cost of the Sabuncubeli tunnel is 55 million TL, Murathan stated that 100-120 million TL has been spent so far and said, “When it is completed, 200 million TL will be spent. The reason for the discontinuation to increase up to 85 percent in exploration is that it was started without route and ground surveys. A problematic project emerged that led to inaccurate start-ups. There were shifts during the project as there were not enough studies for the road route. After a six-month waste of time, everything was started from scratch at an additional cost of one and a half million. The contractor of this tunnel asked for bankruptcy. All construction stopped in the tunnel. ”
Stating that the project was built by two different companies after the Izmir Metro was divided by two companies, Murathan said, “The start date of this project is 2005. The anticipated date was 2008. The end was 2014. The discovery is 130 million. The completed version is 230 million TL. ”

Stating that the financial losses in these three examples should have a political invoice, Murathan said, “As a result, the lack of geological surveys for the metro reveals that the excavation renewal rates are much lower than those planned in planning. Izmir Metro could be completed in 9 years. It was a serious deficiency. Both the Sabuncubeli, Konak tunnels and underground uncertainties in the second phase of the subway make us face discovery and cost increases. We can see them in all three examples. A Dutch team about the mansion tunnel asked if there was a ground survey. We said it started with the instruction of the Minister. These studies are underestimated. The Court of Accounts announced a report in 2013. It was stated that the cost increases of up to 40 percent in the construction of the high-speed train project related to the high-speed train project of TCDD were due to the lack of timely studies. From the Bolu Tunnels to the Selatin Tunnel, we see that geological and geotechnical surveys are incomplete, resulting in significant cost increases. Who will pay the nearly 400 trillion cost increase in these three projects? This has to have a political bill. ”


New city center in Izmir Bayraklı Murathan, who said that he was determined as the city center Bayraklıfor the ground works of tall buildings built in Bayraklı He also stated that they want to make an appointment with the Mayor Hasan Karabağ twice. Murathan said, “Buildings over 2 meters are being built here. Bayraklı We do not find it right to build tall buildings in the city center. The reason is that recent researches show that there are over 7 earthquake-producing faults in Izmir. No matter how much we improve the ground, the Gulf of Gölcük showed that the ground can work as a whole. Many companies here regarding tall buildings come to our room and demand public control. He asks us to inspect the ground. We have made this protocol with two companies and performed the inspection. Apart from building safety inspection, 6 thousand buildings are being built. Sitting on the ground. In our country, the control was built on the building. There is no ground control. Bayraklı There is not a single institution in the City Center that controls these tall buildings. We have requested two appointments from our mayor. Mr. President did not make an appointment for us. He's busy with the show. A single geological engineer is not working in the municipality. Only BayraklıThis is not the case in 30 nearby municipalities.

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