07 Antalya


Skiing for every pocket: Latif Şahin, the technical manager of Saklıkent Ski Center, which offers the opportunity to ski for 47 months of the year at a height of 1850 meters, 5 kilometers from Antalya city center, said that they opened the season with a price policy suitable for each pocket. [more…]

20 Denizli

Bozdağda Snow Festival to be Held on 8 February

Bozdağda Snow Festival Will Be Held on February 8: Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan invited all citizens to the "Bozdağ Snow Festival". In Bozdağ with an altitude of 2 thousand 420 meters, which is rapidly progressing to become the second white paradise of Denizli after Pamukkale [more…]

14 Bolu

Ski Running Championship in Bolu

Cross Country Championship in Bolu: Gerede in March Arkut Mountain Ski planned to be done in preparation for Ski Championships Running Turkey continues uninterrupted. Dozens of teams from across the country will come to Bolu for the championship. Ski Federation planned sports activities [more…]


Ilgaz Pleasure of the Railways (Photo Gallery)

Ilgaz Pleasure of the Railroaders: Together with the families of the railwaymen, they enjoyed their hearts during the Ilgaz tour organized by the Human Resources Department and the TCDD Women's Platform. Clean air from Ankara with buses in the morning and a corner from heaven with natural beauty. [more…]


24 million licenses will be changed in Turkey

Turkey will change 24 million license: İSKEF President Tekin, July or expected to enter into force in August with nearly 24 million licenses in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulations will be replaced with new ones in exchange for 15 pounds. Istanbul Driving Courses and Trainers [more…]


Uninterrupted service to drivers from highways

Uninterrupted service to drivers from highways: In Sivas, it was stated that the "Alo 159 Highways Information Line" informed the drivers about the situation on the highways 24 hours a day. In the written statement made by the 16th Regional Directorate of Highways, reminding that the winter season continues in the city, “Hello [more…]

Asphalt News

Iskenderunda asphalt patching work continues

Iskenderunda asphalt patching work continues: Iskenderun Municipality Asphalt team connected to the works of science, asphalt works for road disturbances occurring in various parts of the city continues without interruption. Municipality Deputy Mayor Cemil Çengel [more…]


Landslide On The Road In Kastamonu

Kastamonu Landslide Collapses Highway: As a result of the landslide in Kastamonu, globe highway collapsed. According to the news received, the landslide after the melting of the snow and rainfall at the 37nd km of the exit of Küre İnebolu road with code number 89-2 in Kastamonu Küre district [more…]


Aşağıbeşpınar Peasants Want Bridge

Aşağıbeşpınar Villagers Want a Bridge: The people of Aşağıbeşpınar village in Çorum's Sungurlu district called on the authorities to build a bridge over the stream that cuts the transportation between the village and hamlet. Citizens living in Aşağıbeşpınar village, where there has been a life for about a century, [more…]


Akar: HGS 'Fast-growing robbery' turned

Akar: HGS turned into a 'rapidly developing robbery.' CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar, Law Proposal to the Turkish Grand National Assembly regarding the solution of the problems created by the HGS, which started to be implemented in 2012 instead of the KGS and OGS system in order to be faster and more economical. [more…]


Logistics Center

Kocaeli logistics center is coming: The button has been pressed for the giant "logistics village" planned to be built in two different points in Kocaeli. The button has been pressed for the giant "logistics village" planned to be built at two different points in Kocaeli. Breaking export records, Kocaeli, in a different area [more…]


Citizen HGS trap

Citizens HGS Trap: Drivers and Vehicle Turkey Federation Chairman Fevzi Apaydin, has announced that highway and bridge crossings due to exorbitant fines of thousands of drivers written. Some citizens are fined thousands of lire at highway and bridge crossings. Small mistakes made [more…]


Traffic Trouble in Bursa

Traffic Trouble in Bursa: The impacts of the lodos disaster and crane crash that occurred in Bursa on weekends continue. The heavy lodos, which under the influence of Bursa, overturned the crane Bursaray and caused damage to the road in the Acem. [more…]


Stopping the collapse of the park for the intersection before the construction machine

They stopped the demolition of the park for the intersection by getting in front of the construction machine: The Association for the Protection of Nature and the Environment (DOĞADER) and Public Houses, which opposed the desire of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to demolish the park in front of the cable car in the central Yıldırım District and build an intersection instead. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Dangerous Trip on Tram

Dangerous Journey on the Tram: The people who climbed on the tram in Taksim, traveling without paying attention to the 600 voltage electric current brought hearts to mind. A person climbing on the tram serving on İstaklal Street in Taksim, Istanbul, 600 voltage electricity [more…]


Logistics Center

Logistics center is coming to Iznik: Izmit logistics center is coming: In Kocaeli, the button was pressed for the giant K logistics village planlan which is planned to be constructed at two different points. The button was pressed for the giant iyor logistics village tada planned to be built at two different points in Kocaeli. Export records in the Kocaeli, [more…]

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1 America

Train Accident in America 7 Dead 12 Injured

The accident occurred in the US state of New York. Two cars were hit by a passenger train at the level crossing in Valhalla town. 2 people died on the train that mowed 2 cars in the accident. One of the drivers of the cars hit by the train died and 7 people were injured. [more…]