07 Antalya


Ski suitable for every pocket: Latif Şahin, technical manager of Saklıkent Ski Center, which is 47 kilometers from Antalya city center and offers skiing at an altitude of 1850 meters for 5 months a year, is suitable for every pocket [more…]

14 Bolu

Ski Running Championship in Bolu

Cross Country Championship in Bolu: Gerede in March Arkut Mountain Ski planned to be done in preparation for Ski Championships Running Turkey continues uninterrupted. Dozens of teams from across the country will come to Bolu for the championship. [more…]


Uninterrupted service to drivers from highways

Uninterrupted service to drivers from highways: In Sivas, it was stated that “Hello 159 Highways Information Line” informs vehicle drivers about the situation on highways 24 hours a day. In a written statement made by the 16th Regional Directorate of Highways, winter [more…]


Landslide On The Road In Kastamonu

Kastamonuda landslide collapsed road: Kastamonu sphere in the county as a result of landslide sphere could not resist the collapsed highway. According to the news received, the 37-89 code number Kastamonu Küre district Keb Inebolu exit of the 2.km.s of the snow [more…]


Aşağıbeşpınar Peasants Want Bridge

Aşağıbeşpınar Villagers Want Bridges: The people of Aşağıbeşpınar village of Sungurlu district of Çorum called on the authorities to build bridges on the tea that cuts the transportation between the village and the hamlet. About 1 has been living for centuries [more…]


Logistics Center

A logistics center is coming to Kocaeli: The button has been pressed for the giant “logistics village” planned to be established at two different points in Kocaeli. Breaking export records [more…]


Citizen HGS trap

Citizens HGS Trap: Drivers and Vehicle Turkey Federation Chairman Fevzi Apaydin, has announced that highway and bridge crossings due to exorbitant fines of thousands of drivers written. Thousands lire to some citizens in motorway and bridge crossings [more…]


Traffic Trouble in Bursa

Traffic Hurt in Bursa: The effects of the lodos disaster and crane accident that occurred in Bursa in the weekend continue. Bursa under the influence of the heavy lodos overthrown by the crane Bursaray'ın hampered the expedition in Acemler [more…]

34 Istanbul

Dangerous Trip on Tram

Dangerous Journey on the Tram: It was heartbreaking that the person who went on the tram in Taksim traveled without paying attention to the 600-voltage electric current. Standing on the tram serving on Istiklal Street in Taksim, Istanbul. [more…]

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1 America

Train Accident in America 7 Dead 12 Injured

The accident occurred in the US state of New York. A passenger train crashed into 2 vehicles at the level crossing in the town of Valhalla. 2 people on the train, which cut 7 cars in the accident, died. One of the drivers of the cars hit by the train [more…]