Tram Line in Samsun to Tekkeköy County

Samsunda tram line is extended to Tekkeköy district: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality will extend the rail system route from Ondokuz Mayıs University to Tekkeköy district with an additional 14-kilometer line to be built between Gar and Tekkeköy. 14 kilometers of additional line to be built between Gar-Tekkeköy in Samsun [more…]

41 Kocaeli

City Forest Turned into Ski Run

Urban Forest turned into a Ski Run: The snowfall in Kocaeli, which started on Tuesday, caused the urban forest promenade near the city center to return to the ski slope. Children with their families taking their sleds [more…]

36 Kars

Sarıkamış Bayraktepe Ski Resort

Sarıkamış Bayraktepe Ski Center: Sarıkamış Bayraktepe Ski Center, located on the slopes of Bayraktepe in the Sarıkamış district of Kars, is a magnificent place where yellow pine forests are covered with white cover, accompanied by bird sounds, in the sparkle of crystal snowflakes, you will feel all the beauties of lost nature. [more…]

18 Cankiri

Japan Embassy staff Ilgazda (Photo Gallery)

Japan Embassy staff Ilgazda: Ilgaz Yıldıztepe Ski Center turns into a festival area on weekends. Yıldıztepe ski center, one of the new ski centers of the region, hosted its guests from the surrounding provinces this weekend as well. Ski center [more…]

35 Izmir

Kocaoglu Speaks about the Government's Metro Decision

Kocaoğlu Spoke About the Government's Metro Decision: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu from the CHP said, "The evaluation will be made by our fellow townsmen from İzmir" regarding the decision of the Council of Ministers to take over the ministry to construct the Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya subways. [more…]

01 Adana

Allah tests the island with metro

Allah tests the island with a metro: 1990 has not dropped from the agenda of the city since Adana. Before the itinerary discussions began. If I do not remember correctly at the end of the 90, the project will be put into service at 2001. 2004 was the year, 340 was taken from outside with Treasury guarantee [more…]

39 Italy

In Naples subway, passengers had to walk

Passengers were forced to walk when the power went out on the Naples metro line: The delay in the metro line in Naples, Italy, caused the passengers to revolt. After a delay of more than 80 minutes, many passengers walked in the tunnel to the next station. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Tasteless slums in Mecidiyeköy metro station

Unpleasant surprise at the Mecidiyeköy subway station: This morning, those who used the Mecidiyeköy subway station in Istanbul encountered an unpleasant surprise… While the negative effect of snowfall on transportation in Istanbul continued, the Istanbul metro was shut down for a short time on Wednesday. [more…]

77 Yalova

Traffic Problem Of Yalova Without Environment Path

Yalova's Traffic Problem Cannot Be Solved Without The Ring Road: Yalova Mayor Vefa Salman stated that the ring road expropriation could not be done due to high costs and said, "We cannot solve the traffic problem of Yalova without constructing that Ring Road". Yalova Mayor Vefa Salman Yalova [more…]


Kuşadası Ring Road Construction Completed

Kuşadası Ring Road Construction Completed: In Kuşadası, bridge junction and arrangement works on the ring road, one of the most important problems of the last year, have been completed. The completion of the works was completed and the construction of the 3 bridge junction was completed. The Söke-Selçuk highway in Kuşadası [more…]


Request for Review for CemalPaşa Bridge

Examination Request for CemalPaşa Bridge: The Cemalpaşa Bridge, which was built in 1910 on the Savrun Stream, was damaged by floods and floods that occurred due to climate conditions, and over time, the 4 on the east side were damaged. [more…]


Who is responsible for snow captivity in Istanbul

Who is responsible for the snow captivity in Istanbul: Snow captured Istanbul for two days. Highways, trucks, Governorate, unchained vehicles, Police, blamed the strip magandas. District municipalities buried his head, and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality made a statement, "We have no problem." [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Works of Varsak Industry Completed

Asphalt Works of Varsak Industry Completed: Asphalting work of Varsak Industrial Site roads was completed by Kepez Municipality. It was stated that the site, which was established on 93 decares allocated by the Treasury, was made especially thick considering that heavy tonnage vehicles would also be used. [more…]


No problem at Alanya Ring Road

There is no problem in Alanya Ring Road for now: Mayor Yücel said that there is no problem in the 50-meter Ring Road project to be opened with the joint efforts of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Highways and Alanya Municipality. Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel, Antalya Metropolitan [more…]


The third tunnel route

The third tunnel route: The third tunnel will be opened in 2019: The passage through which three separate routes are analyzed will be suitable for both the wheeled vehicle and the rail system. The project is planned to be put into service in 2019. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the return of Latin America [more…]


Burgas Exit Forgotten On Meric Highway

Maritsa Motorway 'in the Burgas-out was forgotten: the construction of the Maritsa Highway leading from Bulgaria to Turkey, was understood to be output to the forgotten city of Burgas. The construction of the Maritsa motorway leading from Bulgaria to Turkey, it was understood that forgotten city of Burgas .Meriç Motorway exit administration, Thrace Motorway [more…]


Road Maintenance And Repair Work In Diyarbakir

In Diyarbakır, Majority of the Road Maintenance and Repair Works Given to Kırsala: Due to the infrastructure works in the city in Diyarbakır, the Metropolitan Municipality, which gave road construction works to the rural areas, except for the patch works, during the last summer asphalt season, [more…]


Özdağ: The Hound of Transporters Cooperative

Özdağ: The priority problem of the Transporters Cooperative HGS .SS Murat Özdağ, who visited Goodyear Taşımacılar Cooperative No.4, listened to the problems of the tradesmen. Cooperative members stated that their primary problem is the HGS system. Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce (KOTO) President Murat Özdağ, Başiskele [more…]

16 Bursa

Visitors to Uludağ come out with cable car

Uludag ski lifts visitors off with: the area under the influence of snowfall bringing transportation to a standstill by Turkey, Uludag visitors of the center of winter tourism attraction comes with a cable car. Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. General Manager Burhan Özgümüş, the country surrenders to the winter [more…]

16 Bursa

Guests of Uludağ prefer the lift

Uludag's guests prefer to ski lifts: the area under the influence of snowfall bringing transportation to a standstill by Turkey, Uludag visitors of the center of winter tourism attraction comes with a cable car. Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. General Manager Burhan Özgümüş, the country surrenders to the dark winter [more…]

06 Ankara

New Metro Line Coming to the City of Ankara

The new Metro Line is coming to the capital of Ankara: The construction of the 3 metro line, which was not completed in the capital, took over and announced a new project for the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, which opened the two. New metro line between AKM and Red Crescent [more…]