Estram Carries Persons as Much as the Population of Poland

Estram Carries Up the Population of the Population in a Year: By the Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, the 11 trams, which were launched years ago and provided urban transportation, run every year. In the city center trams 2014 37 294 241 XNUMX passenger transported passengers as much as the population of Poland until the citizens.

Hakan Murat Bayındır, General Manager of Eskişehir Light Rail System Enterprise (ESTRAM), who explained to UHA correspondent, stated that, with the introduction of new lines in 2014, the trams have a total of 37 million 294 people in a year. 241 years the total number of passengers compared to the previous year, representing an increase rate of 2014 percent flourishing, noted that a thousand years 9,4 2 544 million kilometers of roads traversing the tram tour at the world around about 245.

Stating that, with the introduction of extension lines in the current situation, a total of 80 thousand trips per day, approximately 9 thousand kilometers, Bayındır said that studies were carried out with Eskişehir Osmangazi University (ESOGÜ) and Istanbul Technical University (ITU) to determine the operation of the extension lines. Bayındır said, “With these studies, new lines have been determined by taking into account the travel movements and expectations, passenger numbers, face-to-face survey studies and operational constraints (number of trams, signalization and so on). The lines operated according to this situation are: Bus Station - SSK, Bus Station - Osmangazi University, Osmangazi University - SSK, Emek / 71 Evler - Opera, SSK - Batıkent, SSK - Çamlıca, Osmangazi University - Çankaya.

Mr. Bayındır also mentioned that the 19 homeland, including 123, was serving in Estram.

Hakan Murat Bayındır, who provided information about the extension lines, said, ğ Extension lines constitute a part of the 20 part of the journey. In particular, the number of passengers above the expected Labor / 71 Houses line has been reached. Our other lines of Batıkent-Çamlıca and Çankaya also reached the expected number of passengers, is expected to increase over time, "he said.

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