16 Bursa

Tilting Crane Canceled Bursaray (Video)

The overthrown crane has canceled Bursaray flights: 1 has lost his life and 1 has been seriously injured as a result of the overthrow of the crane in the new stadium of Bursaspor in the new stadium under heavy construction. Train due to accident [more…]


What We Don't Know About Trains: What is Valse?

What is a waltz? : It is the warning system element that the mechanic controls the towing vehicle. In "0" state, the vehicle in parking position is carried forward by moving it forward. The different rolls are divided into 6,7,8,10 or more stages. Power applied to the wheels at each level [more…]

35 Izmir

Balçova ropeway facilities are nearing the end of renovation

The renovation of the Balçova cable car facilities has come to an end: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has come to an end in the renovation of the cable car plant in Balçova. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Balçova district near the end of the renewal of the cable car plant. Thousands of 200 passengers will carry passengers in the rainbow cabins of the facility [more…]

01 Adana

Discount on subway and municipal buses in Adana

Discount on the metro and municipal buses in Adana: For the students, the public transportation fee for buses and railways is reduced to 1 liras. The Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality Hüseyin Sözlü has now paid a discount on the price paid by the teachers. Teachers from 2 February 2015 [more…]

34 Istanbul

Lodos shoots Istanbul, Marmaray becomes troubled

Lodos hit Istanbul, Marmaray turned into suffering: When the ferry trip disrupted due to the storm, the citizens turned to Marmaray. When there was an agglomeration in Marmaray, the journey turned into suffering. Marmaray, the “project of the century”, turned into an ordeal this time due to the passenger density. Ferryboat rides [more…]


Lodos caused damage to the YHT line

Lodos caused damage to the YHT line: Severe lodos blew up the roofs in Kocaeli, toppled trees. In Kocaeli, ferry services between Gebze Eskihisar and Yalova Topçular were canceled as of 11.15. Severe storm more than 09.00 am today [more…]