collective bargaining agreement signed
35 Izmir

Electric explosion at İZBAN train (Video)

Electric explosion in the suburban train in Izmir: An explosion occurred in a wagon between the Kemer-Alsancak station while the Izmir city rail transport system IZBAN train was in transit. The train stopped automatically, the doors were opened, and the passengers rushed to the nearby Alsancak Station in panic. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus passenger numbers exceeded 1 billion

The number of metrobus passengers exceeded 1 billion: Since the 5 years that Metrobus was put into service, it has carried close to 1 billion 100 million passengers ... The rate of use of buses, private public buses, metrobus and nostalgic trams serving in Istanbul every year. [more…]


Diary of a Motherland

Diary of a Homeland: Tram drivers who played an important role in the transportation of Eskişehir, the problems experienced by the citizens during the day and the problems faced by the Railway Workers Union Financial Secretary, Oguz Senel told. Tram used by Eskişehir citizens almost every day [more…]

14 Bolu

Kartalkayada Snow Thickness 1,5 Meter Down

Snow Depth Kartalkaya Down 1,5 Meter: maximum snow depth at ski resorts in recent situations in Turkey in the ski resorts 170 centimeters in Uludag, and the lowest snow thickness of 2 centimeters in Samsun was measured in Ladik maximum snow depth of 170 [more…]

38 Kayseri

Ski density in Erciyeste

Erciyes ski density: There is Turkey's most important ski centers in intensity weekdays from Erciyes. As the last days of the semester break approached, citizens flocked to Erciyes Ski Center with their families. Citizens formed long queues in front of the cable car in Tekir region. Sled lost [more…]

38 Kayseri

Hami-Yet mothers and children had fun in Erciyes

Hami-Yet mothers and their children had fun in Erciyes: A trip to Kayseri was organized for mothers and their children, supported within the scope of the Protective Orphan Support (Hami-Yet) Project carried out by the Governorship of Yozgat. Mehmet Dinç, the project coordinator, who participated in the Kayseri trip with Hami-Yet families, [more…]


Tram stress in bars

Tram stress in bars: After the announcement of the route in the tram project prepared by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for the realization of the project, unrest began especially in Şahabettin Bilgisu Street. While it is claimed that the buildings to be expropriated for the tram are not clearly explained, [more…]

34 Istanbul

3.Köprü continues to sign firsts (Video)

The 3rd Bridge continues to break grounds: The 3rd bridge project, which will relieve the traffic of Istanbul, is continuing rapidly.At the ceremony attended by the Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communication, Elvan, the first steel deck of the bridge was installed, while the inclined suspension ropes were [more…]

16 Bursa

BURULAS will organize ferry service at Iznik Lake

BURULAŞ will organize ferry trips in İznik Lake: BURULAŞ General Manager Fidansoy said that the project of İznik Municipality was accepted and that there will be ferry trips for tourism and travel in İznik Lake Burulaş, who visited Mayor of İznik Osman Sargın in his office [more…]

34 Istanbul

Action for Haydarpaşa Train Station

Action for Haydarpaşa Train Station: Members of the Community, City and Environment Group Haydarpaşa Solidarity marched to reopen Haydarpaşa Train Station. Community, City and Environment Group Haydarpaşa Solidarity, demanding the reopening of Haydarpaşa Station, which was closed due to the High Speed ​​Train Project [more…]

35 Izmir

98 subway security guard in Izmir

98 metro security guards were fired in İzmir: 227 of the 98 personnel working in security services in İzmir Metro protested at the entrance of Çankaya Metro Station to protest their dismissal. The firm that won the tender for security services did not renew its contracts and the company they worked for [more…]


600 Annual Dilderesi Bridge Endangered

600 Annual Dilderesi Bridge Endangered: Located in Dilovası and 16. The 'Dilderesi Bridge', commissioned by Mimar Sinan upon the request of Suleiman the Magnificent, will be destroyed. History of the city known as the Sinan Bridge [more…]


Highway protest of citizens in Şırnak

Citizens' highway protest in Şırnak: People of Şırnak protested the failure of the Cizre-Şırnak double highway with a press release. The road passed between Şırnak city center and Cizre district to protest the completion of the double road construction [more…]


Bridge Over The Aksu River

The Bridge to be Built on the Aksu River Will Bring Far Away: 60 thousand people living in the villages that have risen to neighborhood status with the bridge to be built by the Metropolitan Municipality on the Aksu River, Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoç will now reach the city center more easily, [more…]

20 Denizli

New center for winter tourism

A new center for winter tourism is coming: The works to bring Bozdağ, which is 2 thousand 419 meters high, to winter tourism, which attracts attention with its geographical location, suitable weather conditions, snow type and snow retention feature, continues in the town of Tavas of Denizli. [more…]


A subcontractor on the highways blocked a phone call

A telephone block was blocked by the subcontractor on the highways: The subcontracted workers, who were not staffed on the highways, wanted to file a criminal complaint against the ministers. Prime Minister Davutoğlu, to discuss the matter urged ministers urged to postpone the criminal complaint. Subcontracting highways workers, judges [more…]


Rock Down to Tunceli-Erzincan Highway

Tunceli-Erzincan highway to rock Down: Tunceli-Erzincan highway rockfall temperatures in the end the result of the downtime snowfall in yaşandı.tunceli transportation appreciably began to emerge in danger of increase began highways. Tunceli-Erzincan highway due to heated weather [more…]


Construction Works of Kanuni Balvarı in Trabzon

Construction Works of Kanuni Balvarı in Trabzon: Trabzon Regional Director of Highways Bayramçavuş stated that the 8-kilometer-long Kanuni Boulevard, which is under construction and contains 24 tunnels, will be put into service next year. Highways Trabzon Regional Manager Selahattin Bayramçavuş, construction [more…]

Asphalt News

Pursaks road construction work in progress

Road construction work continues in Pursaklar: Pursaklar Municipality Science Affairs Directorate teams did not slow down during the winter months. The teams carrying out the asphalt and patch works of many streets in the district continue to work by opening new zoning roads. Pursaklar Municipality [more…]