Railway infrastructure in Malatya has been completely renewed

railway infrastructure in Malatya, was renovated from top to bottom: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan, not only in terms of transportation in the country, information and stating that they provide very significant improvements in terms of communication technologies, "Today the number of subscribers to broadband up and down in Turkey has passed 41 million . At least until 2003, was almost nonexistent broadband subscribers in Turkey, "he said.
Minister Elvan attended the project and investment meeting held in a hotel after opening the Women's Life and Sports Center organized by Yeşilyurt Municipality.
In his speech at the meeting, Elvan stated that great investments have been made in Malatya in the last 12 years in terms of highway investments, “As of 2014, we have made a highway investment of approximately 450 million TL. This is a very important amount when looking at the investment amounts. Because, in the period of 1992-2003, that is, in the 12-year period before us, total Ministry of Transportation investments are only 140 million liras. We made a little over 2012 million investments on the highway between 2013 and 200. In 2014, we almost doubled the investment of the previous year. As of today, since the day we arrived at the government, we have invested only 1,5 quadrillion Turkish lira. ”
Elvan on the road last year and this year, they said they are giving weight to the tunnel projects Elvan, 2015 128 kilometers to the tunnel will open the opening, he said.
Elvan, the establishment of the Republic until the year 2003 the total tunnel length is only the 50 mileage reminded, 80 2,5 year, they will open the full length of the 2015 XNUMX, said they will open the service.
Pointing out that this is an extremely important development, Minister Elvan said that they have important projects for Malatya and said:
“One of them is Karahan Tunnel, which connects Malatya to Kayseri, which is 600 meters long. Bidirectional. This means a tunnel of 3 meters. We have completed our tunnel studies. Hopefully, we will open our tunnel like April-May and the distance between Malatya and Kayseri will be shortened even more. In a sense, we will integrate Malatya and Kayseri. ”
Elvan stated that one of his other important projects is the Erkenek Tunnel on the route connecting Malatya to Kahramanmaraş and Adıyaman, and continued his words as follows:
“Our work in this tunnel continues intensely. We also work as a double tube. The length of each tunnel is over 800 meters. So far, there has been a progress of 500 meters. In other words, over 3 kilometers of progress was made with the double tube. About 300 meters of cut left. I hope we will endeavor to raise this 300-meter section by the end of this year. This will be a tunnel infrastructure project that strengthens Malatya's connection with the south. Another of our projects is actually two important projects on the Malatya-Elazig route. One of them is the Kömürhan tunnel, which is 2 meters long. When we consider it as a double tube, we are talking about the construction of a tunnel of 400 thousand 4 meters. As of today, 800 percent progress has been achieved in each tunnel. Hopefully, we will try to cultivate this tunnel by the end of 50. We have a bridge construction project on Karakaya Dam just above the tunnel, which will be our fourth largest suspension bridge. Currently, Bosphorus Bridge, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge was built as a suspension bridge. We have a bridge that we are almost about to finish in Adıyaman. We will probably open it in March. ”
Noting that the Kömürhan Bridge will be a suspended and technologically advanced bridge, Elvan said, “It will be a 660 meter long bridge built by our Turkish engineers and workers. We started to work on this. Both the Kömürhan tunnel and the Kömürhan bridge, which will have four lanes, will be combined with Elazig and Malatya in a sense.
Elvan, especially Malatya province within the boundaries of the whole railway infrastructure is renewing from the beginning said.
Mentioning the city's airline transportation, Minister Elvan stated that the number of passengers has increased by over 12 percent in the last 600 years and that they have now reached around 1 thousand annual passengers on the 630 million passenger airline.
- "Today, the number of broadband subscribers exceeded 41 million, roughly in Turkey"
Not only in terms of transportation, but also very important developments in terms of information and communication technologies that provide Minister Elvan, said:
"Today, the number of broadband subscribers exceeded 41 million, roughly in Turkey. In 2003, Turkey was virtually little or no broadband subscribers. There were approximately 20-25 thousand broadband subscribers in Turkey. Fiber highways under the place, which we now call the communication highways, the length of fiber cables exceeded 240 thousand kilometers. Of course, this is not a target that we aim for. We have set a target much higher than this. In the coming years, especially the communication infrastructure will become stronger, but very important developments and advances have been made in creating the infrastructure required, such as fast internet, using smart phones in the desired environment. ”

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