Izmir three-in-one period began

The three-in-one period has started in İzmir Loaders: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality increases the number and type of Kentkart filling machines that passengers can load at any time of the day. Thanks to the new vending machines at Izmir Metro and İZBAN stations and ferry wharfs, passengers can fill their transportation cards by using debit cards, banknotes or credit cards. Da 3-5 Ticket an is also being sold from vending machines called loader.
In addition to the Metro and İZBAN stations, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality offers the opportunity to fill the public transportation cards at every hour of the day with the 160 pieces of Kentkart filling automat in the ferry ports operated by İZDENİZ. Taking into consideration the different demands and needs of its passengers, the Metropolitan Municipality provided the service of filling automatons, known as lem Over-loading ”, in a manner appropriate to every situation.
Three different models, which are filled with coins, only work with banknotes and can be loaded with credit cards, serve passengers at the stations, stations and piers. Passengers who want to buy their travel cards called kart 3-5 Ticket al can also buy vending machines.
Passengers will use the vending machine according to the type of payment. This allows operations to be performed faster.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality officials, in the coming days, the number of vending machines that can be filled with credit cards, said.

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