Rise of Efe to Tillo Castle

Efe'den Tillo Castle Glass Terrace Instead of the cable car proposal: Siirt University Faculty of Arts and Science Faculty Secretary Mehmet Efe, Tillo Kaymakamlığı planned to be done in the district instead of the glass terrace project by offering a ropeway, the cable car project will also provide multi-faceted contribution to the tourism and visualization of the region, he said.

Tele Castle funded by the Tigris Development Agency (DIKA), the glass cruise terrace project should be arranged as a ropeway Efe, instead of the glass terrace, a cable car from the hill to the coast will contribute to the city economy, said a ropeway. Efe, eser Of course, as a complement to this, if the two shores of the water to be landscaped and transformed into social areas, of course, even more costly resources and technical requirements, although the city's tourism potential to be fully revealed and social life in terms of bringing permanent works. This is an opportunity for our presentation at the same time, the outside also makes a lot of sound. In fact, the fact that the rising sun, from the Castle to Ishmael Fakirullah, is accompanied by the light beams extending from the castle to the opposite shore this time as a means of transportation by the air from the opposite shore may point out from the philosophical point of view a plus and depth. This brings inspiration to all of Siirt, not only for Tillo, but even for the region, it becomes inspiring, brings quality and excitement to social life. I couldn't help but feel that I was excited about the subject as observing, worrying, thinking, generating ideas, producing ideals, hopes, goals, projects, having all kinds of sacrifices and contributing to the country and to the public in Siirt ert said.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:03

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